Looking for a hotel room for your next vacation or business trip can affect your trip budget in plenty of ways. By keeping these five simple rules in mind, you can ensure a practical yet satisfying stay at the accommodation of your choice:

1) Read user reviews before picking a hotel

the view of the hotel in brochure cannot be always the same as it looks like in reality. So, before you decide to book that hotel, make sure you read reviews of people who have stayed in that hotel in the past. Make sure the reviews are from a trustable website. If you think the reviews are not satisfactory, it would be safe to choose another option.

2) Book your stay well in advance

Various hotels with corporate travel companies in Delhi offer early bird discount to people who book the room two or three months in advance. Some hotels even let you book a room up to a year in advance and hence assuring you of the best possible rates. These bookings come with various other perks like free breakfast or internet.

3) Keep an eye out for online deals.

At the same time, not everyone can be as planned. Hence, you can choose to wait for last minute deals to open up and book a room with same great deal going on. Many hotels offer discounts on hotel bookings if the guest arrives the hotel one or two days post the booking. These deals also ensure a good a=value for an otherwise pricey room. Hence, it is important that you be as flexible as possible with your plans but remember to have a second or third preference of hotel at hand in case your preferred hotel gets booked.

4) Shop around from different booking sites.

Every hotel booking website has different rates for different hotels. Hence, it is extremely important that you look around for a deal across various online travel solutions for corporates that offers you best value for money. But at the same time it is also important to remember that the cheapest rate is not always the best.

5) Watch out for booking fees by online websites

Many hotel booking websites and corporate travel portal promise you low rates of rooms but as soon as you create a booking and ready to book for the hotel with your credit card you find out that the rate has been doubled due to unexplained convenience fee charged by that website. Hence, it is important that you avoid such websites.

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