Our Daewoo Silver Art Company is the one of the representatives treating companies that specializes in the silverware in Korea. Our Daewoo Silver Art Company promise to produce outstanding designs using our credibility and honesty as a foundation. Our Daewoo Silver Art Company will do our best to provide the best products at reasonable prices, complete as, and continue to do our best to please our customers. Our Daewoo Silver Art Company would like to show my appreciation to all customers who have trusted and supported us, and hope that the use of our products and services will continue.
We offer high quality silverware, Brassware like silver art VIP gift, home decoration products, Korean Spoon Set, Frame, Kettle, Hand Mirror, Plate, Bowl and on.
Silverware Products are
Spoon set
• Hammered Silver Spoon
• Enamel Flower Spoon
• Line Kumboo Baby Spoon
• Balloon Flower Kumboo
• Hammered Kumboo
• Hammered Solid
• Fan Kumboo
• Jade Heart Kumboo
• Dia Kumboo
• Hammered Line Kumboo and so on.
• Hammered Frame
• Butterfly Pearl Frame
• Enamel Frame – Flower & Butterfly Frame
• Coral Frame , Jade Frame
• Enamel Silver Kettle
• Mandarin Duck Enamel Kettle
Bowl and on
• Kumboo Silver Ice Bucket
• Kumboo Bowl Set
• Kumboo Dish
• Kumboo Bowl Set
• Enamel Bowl Set (woman)
• Enamel Bowl Set (man)
• Traditional Symbols of Longevity Kumboo Silver Bowl Set
• Kumboo Bowl
• Enamel Silver Bowl
• Policy and Manufacturing Process
• Pricing formula of silver/gold products
• Offered price shall be fixed subject to daily KITCO silver/gold price of the end day of prior month from shipping.
• General payment term
• 50% of total amount to be paid by cash with order and remaining 50% on the date of shipping.
• Normal Delivery term
• Shipment will be made within 45 days of Firm Order.
• General Instructions:
• The above Marketing Policy may be reviewed from time to time considering the market conditions.
• For further details, please contact our corporate office and Service center.
If you want to Enamel Silver Kettle? Contact (ldh7196@daewoosilverart.com) – Daewoo Silver Art Company Hammered silver spoon manufacturer in south Korea, offers wide range of silverware, brassware and so on.