The Master Black Belt training and certification is delivered by hundreds of institutes across the US. However, you will rarely find an institute that has trained over 25000 participants who are successfully employed in over 5000 companies. This number tells a lot about the quality of training offered by Not only for attaining the certifications, learners prefer to enroll for courses organized by to understand critical concepts like RCA or root cause analysis.

RCA is one of the most important components of Six Sigma and other continuous improvement methodologies. If one has not performed a detailed root cause analysis, they will not be able to derive benefits from the tools available with Six Sigma. So, at a very early stage of Six Sigma certification, employees learn RCA in depth. It teaches them not to look at symptoms of the problem but to find out the real underlying cause and address it at the earliest.

Once the causes of the problem had been identified, appropriate strategies can be formed and steps can be taken for eliminating the cause. This ensures that the problem is solved permanently and never to recur again in future. A Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt will be able to suggest the right processes only when he or she has the RCA results in front of them. They prefer people in their project team that are trained from reputed institutes like who undergo in-depth training.

For example, certification programs offered by are always tailored to suit the needs of their participants. A Master Black Belt program has scope of learning important concepts like non-parametric analysis; multi-vari experiments; destructive testing; advanced regression methods, etc. All of these are discussed with the help of practical experiments and projects so that the participants can apply them in their specific Six Sigma projects. Participants who have already received their Black Belt certificates are already aware of these statistics-based techniques and therefore are able to understand these principles easily.

Since Master Black Belts are expected to have a deeper understanding of the core concept of DMAIC methodology, a good training institute will always insist on delivering the best training that will empower the participants. After completion of their intensive program they will be able to train and lead other employees who have Black Belt. Since many of them will take up the job of mentoring other team members they will train them on advanced statistical methods and tools. This will help even the junior-most member of the team to understand the scope and deliverables of the project.

Once you partner with a good agency for Six Sigma certification you will find a great change in your workforce. As these professionals are now equipped with the right kind of tool, they will realize the importance of doing the job right and in the very first instance. The Master Black Belts will further guide them to take decisions that will make the process error-free, with less wastage and near zero tolerance for non-value added functions. regularly organizes Certification and training for Six Sigma Master Black belt. For understanding methods of RCA, you may contact the facilitators of