Killeen, TX/2018: Councils are formed to give investors an opportunity to directly work with a chamber and follow its plan of work. Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce is inviting Non-Profit Council members or GKCC members who are interested in joining the Non-Profit Council for its October Nomination meeting.

The chamber of commerce has since its inception been strongly committed towards supporting business and community leaders to achieve economic prosperity. It is also a member of various reputed organizations such as ACCE, Texas Association of Businesses, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives, and more.

The Non-Profit Council Nomination Meeting

• The meeting is being organized by Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, October 10 2018 10.00 AM CST at the chamber’s conference room.
• Candidates will be nominated for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Events/Programs Chair.
• The requirements for the Chair position will be to lead council meetings and construct agendas.
• The Vice Chair will be required to lead discussions at meetings and recruit new council members.
• The Secretary will track attendance, council minutes and be admin of the chamber’s FB group.
• The Events/Programs Chair will plan all non-profit events and programs.
• It is important for the members to clearly state whether they have opted in or opted out of the meeting. This can be done through an online form on the website. Failure to do so will deem such members as candidates for all positions.
• The official voting will be done online after this meeting.

Benefits Of Being A Member Of The Chamber Of Commerce.

• Exposure to new opportunities
• Meeting investor needs e.g. business leads, exposure, etc.
• Advertising services e.g. getting promoted on the chambers e-newsletters and social media pages
• Access and tickets to events
• Chances to sponsor events and programs
• Access to an informative online business directory
• Members can avail the online coupon system of the chamber
• Affordable data services

For more information about the meeting, you can call at (254­) 526-9551 or visit One Santa Fe Plaza Drive PO Box 548 Killeen, TX 76541. You can also log on to