Dallas, TX/2018: Software development services help businesses in designing their management strategies and in achieving objectives. Centex technologies provide software development services methodically from the stage of requirement analysis to product release.

A computer consulting, IT support, website development and design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing company in Dallas, TX it helps businesses on a global platform by providing technical support. The support is provided by its certified consultants. Proper functioning of the IT systems and applications of a business is crucial for its success in the modern world. The services provided include advice on technical matters, installation services, service and repair, configuration, maintenance and customized application development solutions are provided.

Software Development Services Offered

• Client Server Applications
• Distributed computing applications
• GUI applications
• Module development
• Embedded Software applications
• Affordable software application maintenance: By outsourcing non-core functions to the specialized and extensively experienced technicians it helps businesses save huge amounts of money and time.
• Stringent Level agreements (SLAs) to bring down the ownership costs of applications.

Other Services

• Testing and training
• Tech support/PC repair
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
• Security Systems
• Search Engine Optimization
• Remotes Support and Remote Data backup
• Pay Per Click
• Advertising Online
• Media buying
• Online reputation management
• IT staffing
• Network administration
• Mobile application development
• Network administration
• IT consulting
• Hardware and Software
• Electronic medical records
• Custom application development
• Website development
• E Discovery & Litigation Support Coding
• Web Development
• Internet Marketing

Why Choose Them

• Cost-efficient solutions
• Quality hardware/software solutions
• Highly skilled and certified staff with extensive experience
• Outstanding customer service
• Keeps your business compatible with the latest technology
• Helps medium and large scale businesses to manage their online presence with latest search engine optimization, internet marketing, web design and development issues.

For more information on services provided by Centex Technologies, call at (972) 375-9654. You can also visit 13355 Noel Road Suite # 1100, Dallas, TX 75240 or log on to https://www.centextech.com/