Ontario, October 02, 2018 — Netwyn Place offers a Virtual Office option for business people who desire professionalism without the need of traveling away from home. Through the Virtual Office, business people will gain access to a variety of amenities. These include a mailing address, a secretary and complimentary hours to use a boardroom or hot desk at Netwyn Place located in Scarborough.

The mailing address offers a business person a place to store and hold packages. Packages are kept securely and can only be retrieved by the Virtual Office owner. The mailing address is a great way to store items that a business person might not be able to hold onto based on their current state of business.

The secretary offers a level of professionalism to one’s business. By having one of Netwyn Place’s trained secretaries answering a business persons calls, calls can be pre screened and transferred based on your request and makes the business look established and professional.
And for important meetings, Virtual Office owners can come into the Scarbrough location for a complimentary 2hrs to use a hot desk or the boardroom each month.

About Us: Netwyn Place is a coworking office space based in Scarborough. Coworking is quickly taking the working world by storm, as it has been seen by many as the solution for the rising difficulties of finding and paying for a dedicated office space for small startup businesses. However, entrepreneurs of all sorts can take advantage of the many benefits offered by coworking spaces.

At Netwyn Place, we are focused on small businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and anyone else in between; our 10,000 sq. ft shared office space is ready to help anyone make their business dream a reality. Netwyn Place is dedicated to its promise that no matter what your business background is, we will help make your business thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Netwyn Place
10 Thornmount Ave, ON