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Mute Offers Preview of Long-Awaited Layer 2 DEX Set to Launch

San Francisco, CA, July 27, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Recently, Mute, a project building solution that make the defi space more accessible and useful to all, has launched a beta version of Mute Switch, their forthcoming DEX platform.

While 2021 has thus far been a banner year for digital finance—and defi in particular—the ascension of this still-nascent sector and the enthusiasm engendered by the significant potential it possesses have not eliminated its flaws. For as long as crypto has been around, pricing and scalability issues, like the two ends of a single pincer, have kept it from realizing more fully the potential it has as a transformative financial instrument.

A mere surface analysis of Ethereum’s recent performance does much to demonstrate how problematic these issues are. While ETH experienced unprecedented growth as the underlying vehicle powering much of defi, the growth was not sustainable primarily due to scalability limits and correlated high gas fees—at times ranging into hundreds of dollars—hamstringing users and pricing others out of the market.

The remedy to this has been sought by building a successive layer on top of the primary blockchain, or what is now considered layer 1. Mute, a project that has set out to make good on the promise of defi for the masses, has just offered a taste of what a comprehensive layer 2 solution to pricing and scaling looks like.

Mute Switch is a DEX exchange platform that is powered by ZK Rollup technology, which has been singled out by Vitalik Buterin as his favorite layer 2 scaling solution. Although the terms can be confusing to the unfamiliar ear, what ZK Rollup tech essentially offers is a secondary, parallel branch to the main blockchain. On this secondary branch there are huge pockets that can fit exponentially more transactions than the original chain can in a given time frame. However, ZK Rollup is intrinsically linked to the original chain, and each pocket of numerous transactions is transposed onto the original chain where it is processed as a single transaction.

The benefits this presents are manyfold. By building a DEX platform powered by this technology, Mute has effectively done away with the problems that have made Uniswap, perhaps the most prominent DEX, at times unusable to many. Because many transactions can be processed instantaneously, congestion is no longer such an onerous burden on users and gas prices will not skyrocket. The Mute Switch platform, by using ZK Rollup technology, is able to operate at a far superior level to level 1 exchanges while maintaining the financial safety of users and offering privacy by default.

While Mute is on the verge of releasing the full version of Mute Switch, in the meantime you can get accustomed to the platform and check out what the future of defi looks like by previewing it here.

About Mute

Mute is a new project in the defi space intent on opening it up to everyone. The Mute ecosystem is powered by the $MUTE token which operates as the gas for Mute Switch. Mute is also a grassroots DAO and, as such, is governed by its community via its VOICE token.

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WCPC Gaming Offers World’s New Provably Fair Game

Singapore, 23 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, World Capital Foundation (WCF), the Singapore-based technology developer, today announces that its market-leading provably fair casino platform – WCPC Gaming will start operate start from Monday, 18th October, 2021. A live webcast of the launching will be made available at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

WCF have established themselves as a market-leading developer in the blockchain world, leveraging blockchain technology to bring innovative new products to market. Through provably fair gaming system, ease and transparency of a public digital ledger, WCF has created their first provably fair gambling platform – WCPC Gaming. Games included are roulette, baccarat, slot machines, poker and blackjack.

All games offered by WCPC Gaming are powered by WCPC token, with every bet, decision and result recorded as a series of transactions on its blockchain. After each game, players can immediately verify the fairness of the game, this establish trust between player and operator.

The gambling experience for players on WCPC Gaming platform is completely integrated, with players wagering funds and receiving pay-outs directly, embedding an additional layer of trust by eliminating the need to deposit funds onto a third-party platform. Winnings are distributed immediately after each game, a unique feature enabled by the speed and efficiency.

The WCPC Gaming is powered by provably fair system, the advanced technology used to support a sophisticated gambling infrastructure. Only WCPC Gaming can provide the unbounded scaling necessary to enable the massive amounts of concurrent transactions required to offer a real-time gambling experience and underpin the suite of games – which includes simple single-turn casino games right through to more complex, multi-turn and logic-based games.

WCPC Gaming also has a variety of gameplay methods. As one of the most popular blockchain game ecosystems in the world, the basic idea of WCPC Gaming is to optimize on-chain based on classic offline gambling games, avoid the drawbacks of traditional games, and experience the unlimited fun of fair gambling games.

There is a VIP system in WCPC Gaming, a rebate system and wealth management, etc., allowing players to compete for rewards in an open and transparent game environment. In the future, WCPC Gaming will add more well-made game for players, allowing players to enjoy the game and also having the fun of making money.

Speaking on today’s announcement, WCF Executive Chairman, Sam Jonsson commented:

Online gambling industry currently having difficulty in gaining player trust.

Many players do not believe that online casinos will provide fair results. Traditional game results are generally obtained by random number generators, players often question the fairness of the results.

The purpose of our WCPC Gaming is to become the most transparent and open entertainment platform in the market, which can effectively protect the interests of game players and improve the trust between players and operators.

We are excited to be able to offer 300,000 Amazon SC users an iGaming experience which puts fairness first. A year after this launch, WCPC Gaming was initially expected to have more than 1 million players.’

Also commenting, WCF Chief Technology Officer, Anthony J.Jeffrey said:

‘WCPC Gaming is a provably fair gaming platform.

WCPC Gaming provides verifiable and fair gambling services through blockchain, public key and gambling transaction technology. With the use of private keys as the seed of the random number generator.

WCPC Gaming give operators and players 100% confident that the results are generated randomly. This can be independently verified with the help of a blockchain.

WCPC Gaming shows players the fairness and transparency that the current mainstream operators cannot achieve.

We believe there is a bright future for WCPC Gaming, we are turning the gaming industry into an era of winners. ’

Gary Vochatzer Offers a Striking Image of What’s to Come to Spur Vigilance in the Hearts of Believers and Non-believers

The Bible warns: “Therefore, keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” Matthew 24:42—But what if no one told you about this? What if you were living your life with no qualms about one day being vanished or left behind? What if the Bible was once a fairytale to you, but then it suddenly reveals itself as the truth? Will it be too late for redemption?
Gary Vochatzer offers a striking image of what’s to come in a story that follows a family caught up in the tumult of the inexplicable disappearance of more than one hundred million people. He presents his book, “Second Chance.”
The book is an imaginative depiction of what will happen during the tribulation period. The protagonist and his family grew up as believers of the Big Bang Theory and have perceived the Bible as a collection of fairytales. When a succession of bizarre incidents occurred, he was left looking for answers and explanations, which he discovered in the Bible, thus opening up a new chapter in his life.
Vochatzer writes: “This book was written with one purpose in my mind—to scare, frighten the hell out of you for what you are about to read, but trust me, His coming is as sure as the sun rising each day, and life and death. This book was written to keep your soul secure in heaven under the blood spilled for us by Jesus Christ.”
The book is easy to follow as Vochatzer wrote the book in chronological timelines, and has kept the plot simple and relatable, without compromising the message. However, it was the change in the protagonist and the heart-wrenching end of the story that carries the most impact.
Will the protagonist get his second chance? Grab your copy now!
Buy the book at:
Second Chance: A story of one man’s attempt to get into heaven after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the World’s Savior
Author: Gary Vochatzer
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: July 2021
Book Genre: Christian Book, Fiction
About the Author:

Married, Christian since 1966, church member, insurance broker since 1962, kept daily prayer journal for 24 years and daily journal for 30 years. Written poems, short stories, Biblical Statements, songs and Statements of Conscience. Five books published and five book ready to publish.

eCom Scotland Offers Help to the UK’s Training-Starved Pharmacies

 The digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland, is offering help to the UK’s 12,000 or so retail pharmacies, in particular, to help meet pharmacists’ need for education and training on digital technologies. This need was revealed via recent surveys of early career pharmacy professionals, including students, with most respondents (87.3%) saying that they lacked education and training in the area of clinical informatics.

Allan Maclean, eCom Scotland’s Marketing Manager, commented, “Other surveys of this sector – including those by the pharmacy regulator – have revealed heightened anxiety and stress levels among pharmacists due to increased workloads patient aggression and financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, both the health service and community pharmacy owners should strive to create environments that facilitate an atmosphere of belonging and promote the discussion of stressful issues.

“Education and training will contribute to reducing pharmacists’ stress levels,” he added. “In particular, eCom can help address a lack of digital technologies training, along with helping to address staff resistance to behavioural and cultural change in adopting and implementing digital solutions.

“Furthermore, all pharmacy personnel should understand how their role contributes to person-centred care and effective collaboration with patients, members of the wider pharmacy or healthcare team, and the public.

“eCom designs and provides digital learning solutions to help people in this sector respect diversity and cultural differences, promoting the principles of equality, diversity and fairness. Importantly, these learning materials – made accessible via a learning management system, such as eNetLearn – helps people keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date,” said Allan.

“When it comes to addressing pharmacists’ mental health and wellbeing, eCom can help ensure the delivery of the highest quality learning materials to support these issues. We’re happy to make these resources available to pharmacists so that these materials can be embedded into pharmacist training.

“Our track record is impressive,” he continued, “eCom has some 25 years’ experience of working with UK organisations in many industries, including the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, and our learning solutions have now helped over 1m people in organisations throughout 190 countries.”

eCom is Cyber Essentials Plus certified and its suite of digital learning and assessment products is available via G-Cloud 12 – the UK Government’s framework for cloud-delivered ICT goods and services on the Digital Marketplace. Moreover, eCom was one of the first signatories to the new Customer Excellence Pledge, which aims to identify learning system vendors that promise to provide elite customer service and support.

eCom creates innovative learning solutions – aimed at increasing learning engagement and driving productivity – to help organisations achieve their goals. With offices in Dunfermline, Scotland, and Athens, Georgia, in the USA, but with customers from around the world, eCom focuses on the delivery, tracking and reporting of workforce learning and development through innovative technologies. Its products and services address a range of workforce management, development and training challenges, including eLearning, online assessment, blended learning, competency management and accreditation.

eCom Scotland

Allan MacLean

00 44 1383 630032



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New Firm Offers Modern and Thorough Business Remedies: Platinum Lynx Company

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.June 25, 2021PRLog — When it comes to navigating complex business disputes, think of The Platinum Lynx Company. Newly based in Albuquerque and privately held, they have an incredible track record in handling mergers and acquisitions, financial due diligence, historical audit and dispute consulting – or anything else your firm may encounter that affects its bottom line.

Since opening their doors for business in 2020, the Platinum Lynx Company has been providing attorneys, general counsel, risk managers and company owners with strategy consulting, and according to founder and president Christina Sultan, the consulting agency is considered a powerful resource for dispute resolution services. Ms. Sultan previously co-founded that service area for Deloitte & Touche LLP in Los Angeles, where it quickly grew to 4 other major market areas: San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis and Chicago.

“We want to meet with the client, and understand what the business issues are.  We want the client to feel  comfortable and secure , at every step of the consulting process.   We stay in regular communication with them, and – we never make a bad situation worse,” she said. “Of course, all client work is held confidentially. “

“If your company is in a financial dispute, facing complex litigation, or considering a merger or investment acquisition, then call The Platinum Lynx Company.  Our rates our reasonable, and we can help you.”

The brand of “helping” will be tantamount to the Company’s success,” she added. “Exiting from covid, we have seen many managers, investors and executives who didn’t always get the help they needed, unless it was from a government agency, and even then, turnaround times were slow.  We provide help quickly, when it’s needed, and where it’s needed, without wasting a lot of time,” she emphasized.

Ms. Sultan, who has been interviewed by numerous publications – including The Charlotte Observer, Intelligence Online, Bond Week,  Institutional Investor,, and the New York Times – notes that the Platinum Lynx Company is unique in the sense that they work one on one with their clients to deliver confidential, advanced and customized management consulting, combined with international capabilities.

They can also accurately assess possible investment projects, evaluate and research structured debt, examine funding requests and most importantly, deliver honest,  practical advice with industry insight and proprietary knowledge.

“We like compliance and litigation support, we like legal innovations, and we  like providing advanced advisory services,” Ms. Sultan said.  “If you are in a financial situation and you need outside support to remedy, or you want to better understand a business deal, potential business partner or company, please, pick up the phone, and call Platinum Lynx.  We make it our business, to provide assurance, to yours,” she added, emphasizing that the U.S. legal  market now spends over a trillion dollars a year, and that factor helps U.S. companies not only stay sharp, but also focus on quality over competition.”

Ms. Sultan is a 2007 Member of Who’s Who and a 1995 graduate of the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School.  “We will be there for our clients from the beginning of the dispute or M&A process to the end, whether the project spans several weeks, or several years.  We work with all size companies – and law firms – and are suited to do pro bono work as well.”

To find out more: or call 505-209-2489.

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