Clean Team OKC Offers Final Cleaning Construction Services

 Clean Team OKC Unveils Enhanced Final Cleaning and Construction Cleaning Services, Paving the Way for Seamless Project Completion.

Clean Team OKC, a renowned leader in professional cleaning services, proudly introduces its expanded range of offerings tailored for construction companies and builders. With a focus on elevating project outcomes, Clean Team OKC’s enhanced services aim to redefine cleanliness standards in the construction industry.

In response to the unique needs of construction projects, Clean Team OKC now offers specialized final cleaning and construction cleaning services. This comprehensive approach ensures that construction sites are not only completed on time but are also handed over in immaculate condition.

Key Features of Clean Team OKC’s Services:

1. Tailored Final Cleaning Solutions: Clean Team OKC recognizes the importance of a pristine environment for project completion. Our final cleaning services go beyond the ordinary, leaving no corner untouched.

2. Collaboration with Construction Companies: To streamline the completion process, Clean Team OKC actively collaborates with construction companies and builders. This partnership ensures a seamless transition from construction to occupancy.

3. Advanced Techniques and Eco-Friendly Products: Clean Team OKC employs cutting-edge cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a safe and healthy environment. The company’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of its services.

“Clean Team OKC understands the challenges faced by construction companies and builders in delivering projects on time and in top-notch condition,” says John Tandrich, PM at The Clean Team OKC. “Our enhanced services are designed to support our partners in achieving success by providing unmatched final cleaning and construction cleaning solutions.”

Clean Team OKC invites construction companies and builders to explore the benefits of its specialized services, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient construction process.

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Japan – JCB Offers Exclusive 10% Cashback Promotion for Taiwanese Cardmembers on Purchases in the U.S.

JCB Offers Exclusive 10% Cashback Promotion for Taiwanese Cardmembers on Purchases in the U.S.

LOS ANGELES & TOKYO, Jan 31, 2024 – (JCN Newswire) – JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd. (JCB USA), the U.S. subsidiary of Japan’s international payment brand, JCB Co., Ltd., is proud to announce the launch of an exclusive 10% cashback promotion tailored for JCB cardmembers in Taiwan on purchases made in the United States, effective February 1, 2024.

From February 1 through March 31, 2024[1], JCB cardmembers from Taiwan[2] can enjoy a remarkable 10% cashback offer on cumulative in-store purchases totaling $100 or more in the U.S. when using their JCB card issued in Taiwan[3]. For more information on this exciting promotion, please visit the JCB Special Offers.

This exclusive initiative underscores JCB’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and benefits to its cardmembers worldwide. By partnering with the Discover Network in the U.S., JCB is ensuring that its cardmembers can enjoy the rewards of travel while experiencing unparalleled convenience and savings.

“As a brand deeply rooted in Japanese hospitality, JCB is dedicated to enhancing the travel experiences of our esteemed cardmembers,” said Yutaka Nakazawa, President & CEO of JCB USA. “We are thrilled to introduce this 10% cashback promotion, which reaffirms our commitment to providing rewarding opportunities and convenient services to our valued cardmembers in Taiwan.”

JCB is consistently striving to extend beneficial promotions and services globally, reflecting its ethos of exceptional customer service and commitment to cardmember satisfaction. The launch of this cashback promotion reinforces JCB’s efforts to enrich the journeys of its cardmembers, ensuring unforgettable travel experiences while enjoying exclusive perks.

About JCB

JCB is a major global payment brand and a leading credit card issuer and acquirer in Japan. JCB launched its card business in Japan in 1961 and began expanding worldwide in 1981. Its acceptance network includes about 46 million merchants around the world. JCB Cards are now issued mainly in Asian countries and territories, with more than 156 million cardmembers. As part of its international growth strategy, JCB has formed alliances with hundreds of leading banks and financial institutions globally to increase its merchant coverage and cardmember base. As a comprehensive payment solution provider, JCB commits to providing responsive and high-quality service and products to all customers worldwide. For more information, please visit:


JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd. (JCB USA) is the U.S. subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd., Japan’s only international payment brand. Dedicated to providing exceptional payment solutions and services, JCB USA continues to redefine the standards of excellence in the payment industry.


JCB (Head Office in Japan)
Ayaka Nakajima
Corporate Communications
Tel: +81-3-5778-8353

Mikaho Hara
Marketing Manager
Tel: +1-213-896-3788

[1] The promotion may end early if the promotion budget has reached its maximum limit.
[2] Cards issued by some issuers may not be eligible. Please refer to JCB Special Offers for further details.
[3] Up to $30 cashback per JCB card.

Ink Hub Offers Cheaper Printer Cartridge Alternatives

 Ink Hub has been providing Australian’s with generic printer cartridges since 2007. They now operate 100% as an online business only and distribute their cartridges throughout Australia on a daily basis.

Ink Hub have recently released a new line of generic toner cartridges which they are very excited about. Their new range of toner cartridges have proven to be super reliable and the failure rate is actually less than that of the OEM products.

Ink Hub is also excited in the fact that Australian’s have helped them to win the ProductReview customer service award for the past 2 years. This is a prestigious award and they are very grateful to have been awarded this. Since their humble beginnings Ink Hub has gained a large piece of the Australian market share and they are growing at a steady rate.

Ink Hub’s goal has always been to provide the absolute best products at great prices and back it up with great customer service. They also provide cleaning kits for inkjet printers as well as toner waste units.

All of Ink Hub’s products are delivered via Aust Post Express service and the majority of orders are delivered within 24 hours.

Ink Hub
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SWISS offers its cabin personnel more salary, better plannability and more individual options in new collective labour agreement

Zurich Airport – WEBWIRE

SWISS and kapers, the union of the companys cabin personnel, have jointly devised a new collective labour agreement (CLA) which features numerous improvements. All SWISS cabin crew members will have their full-time basic monthly salary increased by CHF 400. The new accord also incorporates a 2% inflation-based salary adjustment and an increase in expenses rates. SWISS is also investing in the quality of life of its cabin personnel with the new CLA. Cabin crew members will receive their monthly rosters earlier than before and will also be assigned seven fixed free days every month. The agreement further offers new part-time employment models, such as for parents or students. Cabin crew members will also be able to choose in future between a partial 13th monthly salary payment and variable compensation based on the companys business success. SWISS will be investing some CHF 200 million in its cabin staffs employment terms and conditions via the new CLA over the next five years. The members of kapers will now vote by 19 December on whether to accept the new CLA24 accord.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has concluded a new collective labour agreement (CLA) with kapers, the union of its cabin personnel. Following intensive negotiations, both parties are convinced that they have forged a new accord which will substantially improve the employment terms and conditions of the companys cabin crew members.

This is a top priority for me, as we are very keen to also conclude an agreement for our shared future with our biggest personnel group, says SWISS CEO Dieter Vranckx. So I am delighted that we now have a collective labour agreement which represents a genuine investment in our cabin crew corps and delivers tangible added value for everyone involved. SWISS will be investing some CHF 200 million in the new CLA over the next five years. The new accord doesnt just raise the salaries of our more than 3,500 cabin crew members, Vranckx continues. It addresses their individual needs better than before, and in doing so helps to enhance their quality of life.

Higher basic salaries, results-sharing options and new part-time employment models

Under the new CLA, all SWISS cabin crew members will have their full-time basic monthly salary increased by CHF 400. The new accord also incorporates a 2% inflation-based salary adjustment which already came into effect on 1 January 2023. The new remuneration package additionally offers SWISSs cabin personnel a choice of further remuneration options from their third year of service onwards: theycan elect to receive a guaranteed partial 13th monthly salary, or opt instead for a results-linked variable compensation component.

SWISS is also investing in the quality of life of its cabin crew members with the new CLA. Their monthly duty rosters will be published one week earlier, on the 18th of the previous month, to help them better plan their social lives. They will also be assigned seven fixed free days in each monthly roster. In a further innovation, SWISSs cabin staff will now be remunerated for their standby duties, too. The new CLA also addresses cabin crew members various individual needs, by offering new part-time working models with more variable degrees of employment, more flexible switching possibilities in the course of a year and a wider range of duty relief options for older personnel.

In line with kapers regulations, the new CLA will now be subjected to a 15-day consultation period which begins today. After this, kapers members will vote between 25 November and 19 December 2023 on whether to accept the new CLA. If approved, the new CLA24 will then enter into effect on 1 January 2024.

Nova USA Wood Products Now Offers Product Details to Thousands of Architects Through SpecLink

 Nova USA Wood Products, a leading supplier of high-quality tropical hardwood products and accessories, has enlisted SpecLink to supply extensive catalog and specification information to thousands of building professionals looking to specify their next project at This includes in-depth details for the company’s ExoDek® and ExoClad® QuickClips®, which were developed to accommodate the natural shrinkage and swelling of hardwood Rainscreen decking and siding throughout the four seasons.

“SpecLink was developed by architects, engineers and designers to streamline and expedite the specification process for new buildings and structures,” said Keaton Smith, Nova’s wood systems product manager. “Through this cloud-based software program they can now complete the search for actual materials like Nova’s Rainscreen hidden fastening systems by just selecting a category like ‘Wood Siding.’ This will enable users to access a full complement of specification information that they can easily format into their drawings and planning documents.

“Included are the descriptive, specification and catalog information for our ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fastening system, which work with all types of decking including composite and thermally modified boards. Another is our modern ExoClad® QuickClip®, which works with all types of wood siding including thermally modified boards and composite boards milled to Nova’s rainscreen siding profile. It also stands out from many other Rainscreen hidden fastening systems by including ¾” air gaps between the structure and wood siding boards to ensure the wood’s thermal insulation and moisture stability.”

In addition, SpecLink was introduced by the experts at RIB to allow teams of building professionals to come together to create, edit, share and manage construction documents. Utilizing a robust database, users can select and add specification sections as needed. This streamlines documentation and helps avoid confusion over version-control by leveraging real-time information created by our in-house team of spec writers and design professionals.

“SpecLink reaches about 23,000 architects and other professionals,” added Smith. “It is ideal for generating awareness for our full product line, installation systems and their many applications. We are looking forward to the rewards of this collaboration, which includes providing in-depth product information on our hardwood decking and siding including Batu/Red Balau, Bangkirai/Golden Balau, Torem/South Pacific Redwood, Ipe, and tiles.”

For more details on Nova’s complete line of Real Wood Solutions please visit or call 503-419-6407.

To learn more information about Nova USA Wood Products on the SpecLink website please visit at

About Nova USA Wood Products
Launched in 2005, Nova is dedicated to the supply of superior, high-quality hardwood products and accessories available at the most competitive prices in today’s marketplace. This includes the company’s Real Wood Solutions like its proprietary line of ExoShield Wood Stain, ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fasteners, ExoClad® QuickClip® Rainscreen Siding Clips and premium tropical hardwood decking and siding products.

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