GC Products, Inc. is a nationwide provider of GFRG – glassfiber reinforced gypsum products. Their work includes the ceilings in SF MOMA, many of the architectural elements of the Westin at Denver International Airport, and the GFRG wall panels of the Graton Casino.

GC Products recently announced the development of both standard and custom access panels, all available ready to order. Made of GFRG, these access panels blend into their surroundings and can be finished exactly as their surrounding area, because they’re made with gypsum, the same material used in drywall.

“We wanted to create our own flush access panels that were easy to install, low cost, and attractive,” says Michael Coburn, VP of GC Products, “GFRG is stronger and more durable than plastic, metal, and similar materials, while also easier to install and often less expensive. By taking our experience with GFRG and designing attractive, barely visible panels, our hope is that both contractors and do-it-yourself home renovators will find these access panels a better fit for their space.”

Michael Coburn cites the many advantages of GFRG as a material that make it a popular choice with contractors. It is lightweight and requires minimal support. It is unaffected by age, and capable of withstanding considerable abuse. It is also fireproof and, because of its glass fiber reinforcement, unable to warp or change shape in a way that would affect the ability of the access door to open and close.

“Custom GFRG architectural products have been a specialty of ours for decades,” says Michael. “This time, we wanted to create something that can be both consumer focused and used by contractors on projects both large and small. The response to these access panels has been outstanding so far and we hope to continue to offer new sizes and designs over time.”

Michael also notes that they are able to make custom access panels and access doors upon request, and can also create access panels out of GFRC for outdoor use. More information about these access panels are available at http://gcproductsinc.com/gfrg-products/access-panels/.

About GC Products, Inc.:
GC Products creates custom GFRG and GFRC components for architects and contractors throughout the continental United States. The design interior and exterior column covers, wall panels, ceiling panels, and domes, and mouldings. They can be contacted at www.GCProductsInc.com, or by calling 916-645-3870.