Real estate investors and developers find it difficult to access multi-family construction projects as many commercial banks do not even consider lending for these types of construction jobs. GCP Fund is one of the few lenders that work with multi-family residential properties and provides loans for multi-family construction jobs. They offer permanent and interim loans that are available throughout multiple regions of the US. The fund has a successful track record of providing loans ranging from $1,000,000 to mega projects that can cost around $100,000,000.

As a direct lender, they do not have to rely on outside sources for funding so they can offer highly competitive rates and terms for all their financing programs.

The different types of multi-family properties they help finance include skilled-care nursing homes, townhouse developments, apartment buildings with five-plus units, assisted-living facilities, office buildings, and retail buildings. The properties, however, must pass site inspection and have a permanent certificate of occupancy.

A company spokesperson said, “Our goal is to help facilitate the development of such projects as they are a great addition to communities and help enrich a lot of lives. Because of this, we offer lower rates compared to those of other types of commercial property loans. We also don’t shy away from large megaprojects that can cost as much as $100 million.”

He went on to add, “Our lending programs are designed to provide you with fast, flexible financing options that will help you make solid investment decisions. Of course, the dollar amount is not the only factor determining whether we can approve a loan. We will always look at the developer/sponsor’s experience and credentials and ensure that the subject property is in a good location.”

Countless developers have counted on them to provide the funding they need for their construction projects, so it is completed on time and within budget.

About Global Capital Partners Fund, LLC

Under the visionary leadership of its chairman Joe Malvasio, GCP Fund has played a part in the real estate development of New York City. They have quickly become one of New York City’s most reliable commercial lenders of asset-based loans. The company prides itself on top-notch customer service and a quick loan approval process. For more information, visit the website given below.

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