ISL Online, one of the leading providers of secure remote desktop solutions for businesses, has launched a new subscription plan targeted at larger companies and enterprises, Managed Private Cloud.

LJUBLJANA, SloveniaDec. 8, 2021PRLog — Managed Private Cloud (MPC) is designed for enterprises that want to have control over all of their company’s online help desk activities and work with a fully customised tool that meets the highest security and data privacy requirements. It provides a company with immediate access to a secure single-tenant remote desktop solution without the need for investment in hardware or system administration.

Designed specifically for a single enterprise

“In analysing the evolving enterprise remote desktop market, we concluded that we needed to expand our offering to make ISL Online a perfect fit for large enterprises and corporations. Large companies are reluctant to share cloud resources with other companies. We understand that, and that’s why the new hybrid MPC plan guarantees a single-tenant solution per company. This means that it is specifically designed and tailored for a single company, including 100% data privacy and full customization such as branding,” explains Luka Mulej, International Sales Director at ISL Online.

Benefits of cloud and on-premises combined

A hybrid cloud remote desktop solution is the perfect combination of the independence and control of a dedicated environment and the enhanced security, performance, redundancy and ease of use of a public cloud. The ISL Online team, with the help of a local business partner, sets up, configures, monitors and manages the system, so the client company does not need to invest in hardware or human resources.

MPC is a high availability system with near 100% fault tolerance, stability, reliability, active-active backup, smart load balancing and high data security. It consists of at least two ISL Conference Proxy installations.

Scalable and customizable

The initial operation can be scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of the customer’s business. The number of technicians, workstations, hosts and clients, on the other hand, is unlimited regardless of the size of MPC.

MPC offers the highest level of customization, allowing you to adjust layouts and workflows. ISL Online can redesign the remote desktop software to fit perfectly into your existing systems and conform to your corporate brand style guidelines.

Distributed locally in Benelux

In the Benelux, the remote desktop software ISL Online is distributed by DCC Nederland BV. According to Volker Ladage, CEO of DCC Nederland, ISL Online is a proven solution for all IT companies and MSP’s looking for secure remote support software and a tool to work from home. “We have been working with ISL Online for more than 15 years. It is amazing to see how this product has evolved from a simple remote support tool to a comprehensive service used by multinational companies. Normally you would expect a product to become more complicated as it matures, but ISL Online has managed to develop rich functionality while remaining simple to use,” shares Volker.

Contact us

ISL Online is available in different plans: cloud-based, self-hosted or managed private cloud exclusively for your company. You can sign up for a 15-day free trial or contact us to request a proof of concept. For more information, please contact:

DCC Nederland BV: Volker Ladage, +31 23 555 3220,

ISL Online Headquarters: Luka Mulej, +386 1 244 77 60,

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ISL Online is a pioneer in the remote desktop support industry. Since 2001, ISL Online has been providing remote desktop software to IT professionals and help desk technicians in more than 100 countries, with a particularly high market share in Japan. Delivered via the cloud or on-premise, ISL Online allows users to access and control Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, as well as mobile devices, to provide ad hoc technical support and remote management. ISL Online is developed by XLAB, a software development company headquartered in Europe with offices in Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, the UK and the US. (

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