Unification of eight existing services of Indian Railways for Indian Railway Management Service (IRMS) will be done at all levels i.e. from Junior Scale to HAG+. However, modalities for unification and assignment of inter se seniority will be decided by Alternative Mechanism. For this, Ministry of Railways and DOPT will together to work out the necessary formula before it is taken up by Alternative Mechanism. It will be ensured that no one will be at a disadvantage.

27 posts of GMs have been upgraded to apex grade. It will be ensured that eligible officers of all the erstwhile services get apex grade post of GM. In the cabinet note approved, it has been mentioned that officers of IRMS (constituted by 8 services) only will be eligible to become the Functional Members and Chairman/CEO of Railway Board. The number of Independent members will be decided by the Government. They will be non- Executive Members and will attend the Board meetings. They will not be involved in day-to-day functioning of Railways. Their experience of market and field will help in strategic planning of Indian Railways.

Efforts will be made to complete the unification at the earliest. Officers will continue doing the work which they were doing at present. Domain knowledge will be taken into consideration while deciding a posting. Future recruits to IRMS will be made through UPSC(Civil Services) in consultation with UPSC and DOPT.