BaFin maintains tight restrictions on CFD trading

Germany”s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, better known by its abbreviation “BaFin”, recently determined that restrictions in Germany on the marketing, distribution and sale of contracts for difference (CFDs) to retail investors will continue to apply going forward.

BaFin had already placed tight restrictions on financial CFD trading back in 2017 in order to protect investors. Due to the high risk of loss, it imposed a total prohibition on selling retail investors CFDs that include an obligation to make further contributions. We at the commercial law firm MTR Rechtsanwälte ( note that BaFin”s concerns were shared by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), which also decided to place tight restrictions on CFD trading in order to protect retail investors.

BaFin has since restated its significant concerns regarding the protection of investors trading CFDs that include an obligation to make further contributions. On July 23, 2019, it stipulated in a general administrative act that trading financial CFDs that include an obligation to make further contributions will remain subject to tight restrictions going forward. As a result, the level of protection afforded to retail investors will be maintained, even though the measures taken by the ESMA have expired.

BaFin views CFDs that include an obligation to make further contributions as carrying an incalculable risk of loss for retail investors, as losses are not limited to the investment but rather may encompass the entirety of the investor”s assets. To reduce this risk, the leverage limits and negative balance protections set out by the ESMA will continue to apply in Germany. According to BaFin, standardized risk warnings are essential as well. It also maintains that high-risk CFDs must not be made more appealing to retails investors by offering initial credit, bonuses or the like.

This general administrative act provides that the restrictions imposed by the ESMA on the marketing, distribution and sale of CFDs to retail investors will continue to apply. This also means that restrictions continue to apply concerning the amount of leverage permitted and that losses are limited.

These measures are designed, on the one hand, to bolster investor protection and, on the other hand, to deter dubious providers. The market has its fair share of rotten apples out to relieve investors of their money and who show time and time again that they are willing to circumvent legal regulations to this end.

Investors facing problems with financial CFDs can turn to lawyers experienced in the field of capital markets law.

Innovative systems for dispensing and bonding

Bondexpo is regarded as a leading trade fair for bonding technology and is an important venue for companies involved in industrial dispension and attaching. Over 50 exhibitors will be present at the Stuttgart trade fair site between 7 and 10 October, among them Rehm Thermal Systems with its product portfolio covering the fields of dispensing, adhesive technology and application processes. This includes the innovative systems of the Protecto-X series. Come and see for yourself – at the Rehm stand in Hall 6, 6513.

As a global manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of application processes for dispension and attaching technology, Rehm Thermal Systems is able to present its customers particularly versatile and process-reliable solutions. This year for the first time, Rehm is appearing at Bondexpo, the leading fair for all matters connected with adhesive technology. “As a leading global fair, Bondexpo is thought of as one of the foremost important meeting points for the industry. We can see that our international customers are looking for our new technologies and our global support, and so we have taken the decision to appear at Bondexpo this year”, states Michael Hanke, chief sales officer at Rehm. “With the diverse opportunities available to us for global networking in manufacturing – say via MES or ERP systems – we can provide our customers with the right technologies and the systems specific to their needs. This includes the ProtectoX series of bonding and dispensing systems”, adds Hanke.

The Protecto systems extend reliable, automated processes and precision results in the application of a wide range of materials. With solid machine engineering and diverse applications, Protecto is a strong contender in the fields of dispensing and adhesive technology. Up to 4 applicators can be used simultaneously, allowing the operator a wide range of options. In addition to dispensing, the ProtectoX series also offers the possibility of creating freely definable housing shapes in the third dimension. ProtectoX systems allow immediate hardening of UV lacquers, while various materials can also be cast or bonded. The systems are also designed to afford dependable surface activation and cleaning using plasma. “Rehm has supplied complete, innovative thermal system solutions for years, and we are delighted to be able to present all this at Bondexpo”, declares Michael Hanke.

The digital twin has become real.

At EMO 2019, GEORG, as pilot customer of Siemens, is going to present, as a first, digital twins of two of its machine tools. This makes Georg a pioneer in implementing in practice the next stage of the digital transformation in machine tools, using the new CNC generation “Sinumerik ONE”.

In the construction of complex machine tools, engineering and manufacturing often used to be two successive processes. First prototypes were designed and constructed, then the software was programmed, and processes and procedures could not be optimized and harmonized until during the commissioning phase.

The digital twin introduces a fundamentally different approach: The Sinumerik ONE software, which Siemens is going to present for the very first time at the upcoming EMO trade fair, maps all development processes in a virtual environment. Long before real prototypes are available are tasks transferred from the real world into the virtual world. An example: As early as during the manufacturing of a machine the control software is not only written, but also tested – in the virtual world. In parallel, the future operators of the machines can be trained on control pulpits that are of exactly the same design as those coming with the ordered machine.

The digital twin also offers considerable advantages in terms of service: GEORG’s experts can use it to trace the customer’s machining programs at the Kreuztal plant and provide advice on optimisation.

Also when it comes to clarifying and specifying with a customer what features the machine he is considering to buy should have, the digital twin is extremely helpful, as it is possible to show the customer the desired configuration and functions of the machine in every detail.

GEORG, as one of the pilot customers of the new Sinumerik ONE software, has already implemented digital twins for two of its machine types: for the grinding machine GEORG ultragrind SG2 and for the moving column milling machine GEORG ultramill H. Of the latter, GEORG is currently manufacturing one unit for its own workshop and one for a German customer.

GEORG is going to successively offer more machine tools from its range equipped with the new, entirely digitalization-oriented control system, for example, machining centers for turning and milling as well as roll grinding machines for the steel and aluminum industries.

As the operation of high-capacity machines for the machining of highly complex work pieces demands special control and operating requirements, GEORG has – on the basis of Sinumerik ONE – developed the proprietary control software GEORG smartcontrol UG. A special feature of this software is the highly intuitive HMI which allows the digital twin to be operated for training and testing purposes either via the real operator pulpit or its virtual counterpart.

Dr.-Ing. Wieland Klein, CTO of GEORG, is convinced that the digital twin will provide his customers with numerous important advantages: “The GEORG Digital Twin is the key to the digital transformation of our machines. It makes it possible to simulate and test our customers” operations in a completely virtual environment. From the integration of the virtual and the real machine along with GEORG”s engineering knowhow, its high-capacity machines and the new high-performing Sinumerik ONE software, our customers will benefit in the form significant potential for productivity improvements. Being a pilot customer of Siemens, we are the first to offer applications on the basis of this groundbreaking new system.”

Heinrich GEORG at EMO 2019
Hanover, Germany
16 – 21 September 2019
Hall 13, Booth A64

Executive Coach Thomas Gelmi now also in the heart of Munich as of September 2019

It goes without saying that the chemistry must be right to facilitate a trustful exchange with a coach and sparring partner. A pleasant environment makes clients feel even more at ease to engage in an open discussion. Opening his branch office at Maximilianstraße in Munich allows Executive Coach Thomas Gelmi to meet the expectations of clients in the region even better now.

Starting in September, Gelmi will be welcoming his clients in Palais an der Oper, surrounded by the arts, the lifestyle, and the exquisite neighborhood right in the heart of Munich. The building has its own underground car park. Tram, rapid-transit railway, and subway are accessible within 1-2 minutes walking distance. Clients arriving by plane will reach their destination within 30 minutes.

“When selecting an appropriate location, I found it particularly important that my clients can enjoy a high standard throughout and arrive stress-free thanks to plentiful transport connections,” Gelmi highlights his decision in favor of Maximilianstraße.

From years of experience as an executive coach and sparring partner, Thomas Gelmi knows how important the choice of location is for fruitful conversations: “Most of my clients really appreciate being able to leave their familiar surroundings behind for a personal exchange. An inspiring environment with exciting architecture, such as that found in Maximilianstraße, can most certainly be a welcome change.”

For more information on Thomas Gelmi, visit:

Visualised virtually: Free online access visualises tML cabling systems

Dortmund, August 29th, 2019. tde and AixpertSoft continue to expand their cooperation: the network expert and its technology partner now offer free online access to the extensive AixBOMS test environment with integrated tde solutions. The Advanced Configuration Management Database (CMDB) shows a virtual image of the planned data centre cabinet design and enables customers to familiarise themselves with the tde tML system platforms, individual tde components and the AixBOMS data centre management and IT documentation solution before installation. This provides existing and future tde customers with a high degree of planning security when setting up a fail-safe and highly available network infrastructure. The AixBOMS test environment is exclusively available to tde customers and interested parties.

What will the planned cabinet design look like? Which modules can be fitted to the tML module support and what options does the tde system platform offer? tde customers and interested parties can now obtain answers to these questions with an exclusive, comprehensive and individual test access to AixBOMS: thanks to the Advanced CMDB, they can obtain an overview of the planned cabinet design and view the assembly of the modules. The graphical AixBOM Rack View Editor provides a photorealistic representation of the tML components with the front and rear views of the distribution cabinets. For this purpose, AixpertSoft has combined the powerful infrastructure with the modern possibilities of IT documentation and makes these available to tde customers as free online access to the test: “Customers need planning security when setting up a fail-safe and highly available cabling infrastructure,” says Andre Engel, Managing Director of tde – trans data elektronik GmbH, and continues: “The integration of our tML solutions into the AixBOM software gives our customers virtual insights into their planned cabinet design. Thanks to the 3D view, users can see at a glance how for example the tML modules are equipped”.

Partner of the tde Roadshow

This year, AixpertSoft is again technology partner of the (r)evolution of the network roadshow: the experts for the administration of IT infrastructures, data centres and services will talk about the “development of IT infrastructure management somewhere between Excel and artificial intelligence”. The event under the motto “Fail-safe and highly available in the future” will take place on September 12th, 2019, in the BVB Arena. The registration form and the agenda for the free roadshow are available at

The tML – tde Modular Link-System

tML is a patented, modular cabling system consisting of the three key components module, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. The system components are 100 percent manufactured, pre-assembled and tested in Germany. They enable plug-and-play installation on site – especially in data centres, but also in industrial environments – within the shortest possible time. Heart of the system are the rear MPO/MTP and Telco connectors, which can be used to connect at least six or twelve ports at a time. The fibre optic and TP modules can be used together in a Rack Mount Enclosure with a very high port density. The tde offers its tML cabling system as a proven tML standard system and in the highly innovative variants tML Xtended, tML-24 and now tML-32 for extreme scalability and very easy migration to higher transmission rates such as 40G, 100G, 200G and 400G.