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Neon Poodle is offering versatile Neon Lights in Australia to light up your life with that soft neon glow.

We are so excited to be releasing a world first neon bulb. Our new Neon Bulb is a standard bulb with a LED filament especially designed with us to enable the designing of words and icons.

Ready built neon lights for your interior or events can be purchased from our online store. The neon bulbs are a decorative bulb so would suit a coffee shop, bedside lamp, or in a cluster. Suitable for Standard and Dimmable Applications, our neon lights create soothing atmosphere.

Our range of light bulbs are a truly contemporary twist on a classic household item. The Neon Bulbs have a lumin value of 2200K which is suitable as a decorative bulb to be used in lamps. As with any LED bulb, the lifespan is up to 50,000 hours. Our decorative Neon Lights bring liveliness, warmth, colour, and personality to any space.

Our team of professional graphic designers and hand-lettering artists can create the perfect statement neon; helping you in picking colours, fonts and styles all with your budget in mind. From baby name wall plaques and festive decors to grand declarations of love; it’s not the size of the sign, it’s how it sparkles that matters.

All of our LED neon flex signage is created by hand. It is energy efficient, silent, safe, low voltage, and long lasting. If you are looking for a fun addition to the home, a vibrant tweak for the workplace or a focal centrepiece for corporate events and weddings, we have custom designs on the ready only for you.

We have a range of unique neon lights in various attractive shapes and statement words. We offer led neon signs to add an electric flare to your next corporate event or special occasion!

If you haven’t quite spotted right Neon Lights in Australia for you, we would love to give light to your idea and create a completely custom neon sign. You can get as innovative and wild as you please, we will support you through the design process before transforming your idea to your own exceptional neon sign!

Let us build your custom neon lights with our advanced online neon builder.