Department of Periodontology and Scientific Committee of D Y Patil Dental School, Lohegaon,Pune, recently celebrated “Oral Hygiene Day” on Thursday, August 1, 2019 to commemorate the birth anniversary of doyen of Indian Periodontics, Late Dr. G. B. Shankwalkar.

Dr. Govind B. Shankwalkar is the founder of the Indian Society of Periodontology. D Y Patil Dental School partnered with D Y Patil International School for the official attempt to set the record of “MAXIMUM POSTERS ON ORAL HYGIENE MADE BY STUDENTS ON A SINGLE DAY” in the ‘India Book of Records’.

The budding Picassos and junior Alyqe Padamsees got down to business with excitement in the air and tons of creative ideas in their heads. The innocent minds sending across a serious message on the importance of oral hygiene, was a sight worth watching. In a country where most of the population lacks basic overall hygiene, maintaining sound oral health seem impervious.

The concept of Oral Hygiene was better endorsed through this competition and would lead to healthier smiles. The blank white sheets were swarmed with teeth of all sizes and shapes. The messages were serendipitous as well as pure genius. “It’s time we learn to tame our sweet tooth.” A whopping student strength of nine hundred and sixteen from D Y Patil International School, Pune, enthusiastically participated in the poster making competition on oral hygiene and set the record.

The Organizing Committee Members, Dr. Rahul Hegde- Director-Healthcare, D Y Patil Dental School; Dr. Anand Shigli – Dean, D Y Patil Dental School; Dr. Kamaljeet Kaur Siddhu – Director, Corporate Affairs, ADYPG; Mrs. Surabhi Deshpande – Principal, D Y Patil International School; Mrs. Shweta Sharma – Placement and Training Officer and Dr. Shobha More – HOD Periodontics thanked Mr. Biswadeep Roy Chowdhury – the Adjudicator, India Book of Records for gracing the event.


1. Organizers receiving the India Book of Records Award & Certificate from Mr. Biswadeep Roy Chowdhury. (Left to right – Mrs. Shweta Sharma, Mrs. Surabhi Deshpande, Dr. Hegde, the Adjudicator, Dr. Shigli, Dr. Kamaljeet, Dr. More).

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