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Jacareí, Brazil, 1st August 2019 – On 20th May CPL Brazil initiated a pioneering partnership with Casa Valduga, one of the most important wineries in Brazil and leader in the segment of luxury and sparkling wines. The partnership involves CPL supplying the PLPs which will be used for packing, transporting, and storage of the glass bottles used for wines and sparkling wines. The glass bottles, which will be produced by one of the largest global manufacturers of glass containers for food and beverages located in São Paulo with a factory in Rio Grande do Sul, are now supplied – exclusively to Casa Valduga – packed on pallets and separated by PLPs from CPL. The PLPs are sorted, cleaned, inspected and made available again by CPL within the reusable pool system for the transportation of the glass containers to Casa Valduga.

Cartonplast Group offers the most successful outsourced transportation system with PLPs on a rental basis for glass, cans and PET containers, globally. CPL has more than 30 years” experience in the management of reusable transit packaging products, which consists of delivery and return collection, sorting and cleaning of the assets. The German based multinational Group operates in Brazil through its subsidiary, CPL Brazil, that will be rolling-out and replicating the business model of the company, which is widely established and consolidated in Europe and several countries in Asia and Africa.

The partnership has arisen through a joint initiative between the companies, aiming to implement a system that follows high quality standards within a global guide of hygiene and food safety for the food and beverage segments. Since its foundation in 1875, Casa Valduga has always been at the industry forefront in terms of investment, technology, and use of latest processes and machines. In Europe, the reusable pool system for PLPs used in the glass bottle packaging systems has been the standard for the last three decades, and now the Brazilian market is starting to accept and implement commercial and environmental advantages the pool system brings. The PLPs used in the bottle packaging process will replace the traditional wooden layer pads (masonite), bringing significant improvements in quality, hygiene, productivity and sustainability.

The PLPs are produced from Polypropylene (PP), an inert material, that are hygienically cleaned through the cleaning processes developed by CPL, before their multiple reuse. The PLPs come in contact with the mouths of the bottles, but the sanitation and inspection process of the PLPs ensures a product free of contaminations. In addition, the PLPs are returnable and are used for several cycles, reducing the frequent scrappage that occur today with the wood-based masonite. Own packaging stocks of transport and packaging material tied-up at the customer are no longer necessary, and storage areas are freed-up, because the PLPs circulate in the external CPL pool system. This reusable transport solutions also increase the benefit for the environment due to a lower carbonfootprint. In other words, the adoption of PLPs is a worldwide trend towards the increase of use of highly sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

“We were targeting to adopt an international standard in the packaging system of our bottles, since all Europe already uses this model composed of a product manufactured with inert material. In addition, this partnership with CPL will bring an increase in the quality of the products produced by Casa Valduga, and will certainly be an important tool in the improvement of national sparkling wines”, comments Daniel Dalla Valle – Winemaker and Technical Director of Casa Valduga.

“Cartonplast seeks for long term partnerships with companies that are always at the forefront of technology, and we see in this partnership with Casa Valduga a great opportunity to improve quality, both in terms of hygiene and food safety, as well as sustainability”, reinforces Elcio de Moura – Managing Director of CPL in Brazil. “Brazil is an extremely attractive growth market for us, and offers enormous potential. We are delighted to expand our presence in the Brazilian market and offer increased level of service for customers in this region.”, he adds.

CPL’s service spectrum ranges from integrated transport solutions to individual customer specific services. Please find the complete service and product range of CPL in our explanatory video by following this link (

For more information, please contact Elcio de Moura, Managing Director of CPL in Brazil,