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Ancient medicine of thousands of years based on holistic vision of body and mind. The treatment of Float Spa Therapy allows us to observe the physiological and emotional structure of the patient, and to adjust the treatment. According to Chinese medicine, the body is divided into 12 meridians, and each meridian is attached to the organ it represents, such as lungs, colon, kidneys, heart, etc. On each meridian are dotted points that are the acupuncture points – a total of 365 acupuncture points is spread across the skin, through which the ‘life force’ – qi. Smooth flow is necessary for the proper balance and functioning of all body systems. In order to regulate it, needles are used at points that affect the body’s various systems, regulating the movement of blood, the rest of the body fluids, nutrients, waste and body energy. Improves this movement, relieving a variety of symptoms.

What are the benefits of Float Spa Therapy when you are pregnant?
Because Float Spa Therapy is based on a holistic view of body and mind, it can be especially meaningful and effective during pregnancy, where women experience many physiological and emotional changes. As part of the treatment, the massage therapist will be able to tailor a personalized treatment plan for the pregnant woman that will be especially suited to her personal and changing needs, and will ease the range of symptoms that appear in her. In addition, complementary medicine treatments in general and acupuncture in particular have been found to be effective and safe to treat situations in which conventional medicine does not respond during pregnancy. In addition, complementary medicine provides preventive guidance that supports the pregnant woman to maintain a good general feeling over time.

In what conditions and symptoms of pregnancy can the Float Spa Therapy package help?
Nausea, vomiting, and heartburn characteristic of the first trimester of pregnancy, feeling weak and tired, breathing disorders, Different pain syndromes, Back pain and hip pelvis sympiolis, feeling sleepy and circumcised with hand.

Are there any risks in Float Spa Therapy?
Entering the float when you are Pregnant is not dangerous. It is recommended to contact massage therapists with knowledge and experience in treating pregnant women.

What is unique in a Float Spa Therapy Utah?
We at naturally believe in accompanying and handling from an integrative point of view. has wide variety of treatments is provided by professional and experienced therapists. All of Maccabi’s complementary treatments are performed after a doctor’s consultation, which builds each patient a personalized treatment plan tailored to her personal needs. The wide variety of treatments and therapists enables the provision of an integrated treatment program based on more than one treatment method. The treatment program is carried out through the multi-professional cooperation of several therapists from various fields
of medical supervision.

Pain has become part of your daily routine?
You probably have chronic pain. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from chronic pain. As a result of the pain, some of them suffer from depression, dependence on the environment and medications, and an ongoing deterioration in quality of life. The pain we feel during injury or illness is our body’s way of signalling to
the brain that something is wrong. Unfortunately, for many of us, this is a constant signal, which is part of our routine. 17% of the world’s population suffers from chronic pain, which results from physiological changes that occur in the body following a chronic illness, such as joint diseases and migraines, that activate the pain system on a regular basis.

Float Spa Therapy Utah can help you relieve that pain! contact us today.