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China Offering Enormous Potentials for Smart Home Industry
In 2016, China’s smart home market size broke into RMB 200 Billion with a 30% YoY growth. Until 2018, Chinese smart home products users spiraled to 60 million. In 2019, with the widening adoption of 5G, AI, and IoT, a smart future is opening up to China.

SHB, a New Destination for the Global Smart Home & Building Industry
Initiated by China Kinpan Real Estate Development Industry Alliance and Asian Construction Technology Alliance (ACTA), SHB is a new force to influence the global smart home and building industry. It aims to build a high-end international display, exchange and business platform for the latest smart home and building solutions from global premium exhibitors. Combining Real estate with smart homes and buildings, it represents a path-breaking collaboration to expedite the advent of a smart homes and buildings era.

Co-located with International Kinpan Week 2019 and 2019 China Real Estate + Smart Home Development Forum, SHB 2019 has been reported by 300+ professional and mass media partners, including TV Stations, Radio Stations, News Websites, Magazines, Trade Associations, and etc.
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