When you decide to have a yacht charter Corfu for the first time, you often don’t know where to start. Here is a small handbook full of suggestions for your first private cruise.

Before choosing rent a yacht for your cruise, it is good to understand what are the costs associated with this type of holiday. Although there are many services included in the rental fee, there are extra costs to be calculated that are not quantifiable upstream (fuel, galley, ports).

What is the basic rental fee and what does it include?

The basic cost for the rental of a luxury boat includes the use of the fully armed yacht (i.e. ready to sail, with all the safety equipment and more) and functioning, including crew and related food.

In Greek island cruises, also included are on-board services: food preparation, tidying and cleaning of cabins, washing of on-board linen and service. Exactly like staying in a luxury hotel, but in the middle of the sea. The quota also includes the yacht’s equipment (specified in the boat’s card) and full insurance, as required by law.

The rental price varies, then, from one boat to another based on the length, type, number of cabins, year of construction, model, equipment and number of crew members.

The price of Bareboat yacht rentals also changes according to the rental season: in fact, the period from July to August and low season is defined as high season all the other months in which the yacht can be rented. Some yachts are available for very special events.

These may require a higher rental fee for the low season in which the events take place or a minimum rental day.

Furthermore, for each rental, tax is payable, except for different regulations related to the type of boat or the country where the departure takes place.

But it also stands for the different colors of the sea, offering breathtaking shots, especially adorned by the many boats that run along the coast. But besides the overall beauty of this country, we also have to realize that Greece is full of many pleasure boats for rent, from small boats to yachts.

Therefore, it is quite possible for any Greece to visit for their holidays, and enjoys going to the sea. Whether a couple or a family, people start clinging to this practice today, especially since it is now possible to enjoy the benefits of yacht charter. Whether for an adventure on the open sea with friends or a quick trip from land to land by the sea, the yacht is always the best choice.

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