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Flour Improvers Market Introduction

The flour improvers are the additives that are added to the flour to improve their overall flour functionality during its application in baking. The function of the flour improvers depends upon the type of flour improvers that are being used. Also, the flour improvers can be wither monospecific or multispecific in its function. This means that the flour improver can either have a single function of bleaching, raising, improving texture, etc. or can have multiple functions. The flour improvers include the dough improvers as well as the bread improvers and the various product types included in them. The use of enzymes is used more nowadays as flour improvers instead of the chemicals as the consumers are opting for a cleaner and healthy food ingredient instead of the cheaper one. Also, the use of flour improvers is more by the industrial food manufacturers than any other end user. The use of flour improvers in the household is observed more in developed countries.

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Reduction in the Cost of Production for the Bakers Due to Less Requirement of the Raw Material Has Led to the Increased Use of Flour Improvers

he manufacturing of the bakery products is majorly done by the industrial bakers and the small craftsman are very less in terms of volume of bakery products manufactured. For the industrial bakers, quantity is more important and so is the economical production of the products. The use of flour improvers in the bakery products helps in rising of the dough and the gas generated remains inside the bread or any other bakery products. This results in the less use of raw material as the flour being risen is more. This reduces the cost of raw material which in turn reduces the total cost of production of the bakery products. This has increased the demand of the flour improvers in the industries as well as HoReCa. Also, the quality of the product remains consistent due to its addition which has further increased its value.

Flour Improvers Market: Segmentation

The flour improvers market can be segmented on the basis of form, product type, end user and sales channel.

On the basis of form, the flour improvers market can be segmented as –

On the basis of product type, the flour improvers market can be segmented as –

Oxidizing Agents
Reducing Agents
On the basis of end user, the flour improvers market can be segmented as –

Foodservice/HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes)
On the basis of sales channel, the flour improvers market can be segmented as –

Indirect/B2C Hypermarkets/Supermarkets F&B Specialty Stores Modern Grocery Retail Online Retail
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Flour Improvers Market: Regional Analysis

The market for the flour improvers is very high in the European countries and in Southeast Asia. This is owing to the flourishing bakery industry in these countries. In Southeast Asia, the demand for baked products is increasing at a very high rate and this has led to many manufacturers of flour improvers and other bakery ingredients to launch their products in this region. The demand for flour improvers is high in developing as well as in the developed countries. In South Asia, the consumption of convenience foods is increasing at a high rate. This is due to the changing lifestyles and the rapid urbanization that is taking place. This change has led to the bakery industry growing in this region and thus the demand for the flour improvers is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

Flour Improvers Market: Key Participants

The key players in the flour improvers market are –

Amesi Group
Enzim d.o.o.
Puratos N.V.
Oy Karl Fazer Ab
Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
Eksun Food
Tortue Foods