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Not only does sport give you that edge over other who don’t conduct themselves in these activities through giving you a more agile body but also a better functioning mind. Sports is seen around the world, in America the super bowl an event regarding baseball or the football world cup or events like cricket, hockey and tennis bring in a huge viewership with means more TV deals and more capital. For investment point of views the money in sports has sky rocketed in the past few years. For such news and events do check out the most important Urdu sports news available online at

However, how does it build interpersonal and team building skills? Well you get to work with different kinds of players, ranging from different backgrounds. In trainings you work out strategies with your coaches with your team and understand human strategy and philosophy. Planning, strategic management and evaluation is key with a little sprinkle of emotional intelligence in this mix.

Understanding your opponent, strategy that he or she has planned, trying to play the game in the right spirit with the right mindset. In order to overcome all the hurdles and problems is what sports demands. It is not always about winning but trying to have a good time at it, and winning in the right manner. And accepting defeat like a champion. As they say in order to become a real champion one has to overcome defeat after defeat to embrace success. If you never taste defeat how would you improve? And how would you know how it feels to lose in order to win.

Moving on, even in games that are not built around teams and are individual sports now a days, there is a team of coaches, management that work with individual sports players regarding their fitness, planning training and strategy. Which means that even individual sports now are part of a wider team and can be considered as team sports. In tennis there is a whole support staff that works hard for the team goal of winning. Another term used is the background staff, which means to work with the player, his fitness, routine, health, mindset, and ability to perform well.
It is not always about the skills but what goes inside the mind is what counts. The mind controls the body and well it dictates how you perform. In crunch matches such as the recent five setter spectacular match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic at the Wimbledon Final, we saw that how a second of hindrance in Rogers shot selection made him lose a match that he had won.

Thus coming to the conclusion that sports develops amazing team building skills, it is something that should be encouraged from a young age. As it’s a great way of helping kids get their emotions out and a good medium of channeling those emotions. For the Latest Sports News and major stories related to your favorite superstars remember to read our blogs.