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USA, August 2019: Knack Systems will be hosting a webinar titled “How to cut down quote-to-order time from days to minutes” on Thursday, August 8, 2019, at 2 PM EST.

Hear from top CPQ experts how you can enable sales representatives to quickly generate accurate quotes, including standard, promotional, and customer-specific quotes, to boost sales activity in this one-hour webinar session.

Let Soraya Diallo, Director – Pre-Sales, and Rakshith Shetty, Manager – Pre-Sales at Knack Systems, tell you how you can set a guardrail to protect margins, streamline your approval processes, and decrease your quote-to-order time with SAP CPQ.

This webinar session will take you inside the configure, price, quote process, and you will learn answers to these questions:

• What are ways to cut down the quote-to-order time from days to minutes?
• How fast can high-quality proposal documents be created?
• How are CPQ solutions effective in enhancing pricing and sales analysis?
• What features should one look for in a CPQ solution?
• What features can you leverage to increase margins, get deals done faster, and launch new products faster?

Seating is limited to 75, so register now to reserve your spot!

To register online, visit today.

About the Company:

Knack Systems is a Premium Partner of SAP with a focus on Customer Management, which includes Cloud Solutions, Hybrid Solutions, E-commerce, and Analytics. Knack Systems provides end-to-end services in SAP transformation programs, including solution roadmaps, implementations, integration services, roll-outs, support, upgrades, testing, and package evaluations.