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Ecosmob dynamic IVR solution development offers agile flexibility to users to customize the menu tree structure to adapt to evolving customer behaviors and expectations. The result is highest levels of customer satisfaction and returns on investment.
Ecosmob, a global VoIP and trending tech leaders, announced launch of dynamic IVR solution development services for telecom, service providers and enterprises across the world. Speaking on the launch, the company’s VP said, “Ecosmob dynamic IVR solution facilitates the customer’s self service journey apart from being able to carry out other functions such as surveys. As VoIP tech leaders and experts in artificial intelligence, we have integrated quite a few technologies to put our dynamic IVR miles ahead of anything comparable in the market.”

Elaborating on the standard features he said the dynamic IVR solution development focuses on putting control in the hands of the user with the help of a GUI based designer tool for prompt management and adjustment of tree-branch structure as and when needed. There is DID numbers support coupled with connectivity to multiple servers and time zone support. Users can flexibly build multi-level IVR and customize scheduling as well as recording. No doubt there are other dynamic IVR solutions in the market with these features but this is where the similarity ends.

Ecosmob goes further in using advanced technologies in its dynamic IVR solution development services. There is speech recognition and natural language understanding woven into the IVR making it a conversational instead of menu driven maze. Ecosmob team of AI can collaborate to include voice biometrics, especially in sensitive areas such as IVR payments and banking transactions. This leads to higher security and fewer chances of frauds. Then there are other tech innovations like incorporating visual IVR to make the customer experience a fluidly seamless one, especially on mobiles. CRM integration is available to make the dynamic IVR even better. Caller interaction improves and data accumulates for refined analytics that helps administrators to fine tune the tree-branch structure to be a joy to use. While not absolutely necessary, the dynamic interactive voice response does benefit by inclusion of artificial intelligence powered virtual assistants that can keep the conversation going and simulate live chat, transferring the call to a human agent when required.

Ecosmob, claimed the VP, is the best company you can choose for dynamic IVR development since it has acclaimed expertise in VoIP technologies buttressed by its operations in other key advanced technologies areas as well as loyalty programs and search engine optimization divisions. This means the company has expertise from technology perspective and an intimate knowledge of how customers’ minds work.

Ecosmob IVR development services are available for enterprises and for service providers on a hosted multi-tenant basis so that they can offer IVR as a service. Technological expertise aside, Ecosmob has a strong tradition of customer services.

Interested parties may get in touch with Ecosmob by phone on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on