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Konzortia Capital, a holding company of a fintech consortium, is offering a suite of new digital
platforms which promise to lead the way in financial technology services. InveStart, Capitalista and
NovaBank will allow start-ups and others to raise capital, perform all types of financial trades and
exchange fiat currency and digital equity, through a physical location or a cross-platform application
all in one proprietary system. Worldwide companies of all types, sizes and industries will be able to
raise their capital requirements through the creation of their own New Asset Class (NAC), make all
the trades required, exchange the currencies needed from a single platform and investors could cash
out quickly on their investments and continue to make their money work for them. All of this will be
done using Konzortia Capital’s proprietary type of equity, a new asset class named Koura.
InveStart- Is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that will allow any company from
anywhere in the world to raise capital. This process where a company creates a Koura based equity
in InveStart is called New Asset Offering (NAO) and it’s very similar to the process where a company
goes public in an initial public offering (IPO), these securities then can be exchanged for other
securities, Koura or fiat currency at any time using NovaBank.
Capitalista- In a financial environment where quality services are only available to wealthy
investors, our true innovation comes by providing performance-based managed accounts and
subscription-based trading signals, executed by professional in-house traders while offering trading
accounts at a close-to-zero cost. Finally giving the experienced and amateur investors the truly
effective means to take advantage of every investment opportunity and actually turn positive results.
All within a worldwide index (NAO Index) featuring all companies that executed a successful NAO
thru InveStart along with the traditional instruments, for clients to virtually trade any existing liquid
assets. Available through a franchising system of network marketing reward model in which members
can offer all its services to the public the Capitalista bets on a scalable model to reach the desired
market penetration.
NovaBank- A platform that will serve as the next generation of banking, with features such as
remittance service, payment processor, wallet, credit card, Koura payment processing for merchants,

and messaging app complete with a map that shows local businesses near the user accepting
Kouras payment along with those that work as authorized Novabank franchises. Users can exchange
Koura, fiat currency or other NAC equity right on NovaBank, quickly, safely, and efficiently, anywhere
in the world.
The process itself is straightforward: companies raise capital with InveStart and trade their
NAC for Koura or fiat currency using NovaBank, which is going to facilitate exchanges, remittance
services and make banking accessible to everyone around the world with or without an internet
connection. In addition, all equities are to be traded in an OTC (over the counter) index on Capitalista
-NAO Index-, which will use network marketing to pull in small investors and offer top-quality services.
Blockchain technology, in such vogue today, will be front and center on each of the platforms.
Konzortia Capital’s private capital raise allows investors the rare opportunity to participate in a
highly profitable and liquid instrument of a cutting-edge disrupting fintech company.