California, April 9, 2019 – People won’t have to wait for months any more for funding of their loans and buy their dream property in California. The local income loan office in the state makes the task of getting funds easier and faster. LBC Mortgage announces a loan approval process that can guarantee funds to self-employed borrowers within 20 days. With a fast loan approval process, one can now own a house in California within a month and can lead a happy life.

According to the spokesperson of the local stated income loan office, they have significantly reduced the paperwork for the borrowers, so that the loan approval process could be expedited for them. The loan can be pre-approved as fast as in just 24 hours, and one can get a larger loan amount to buy his/her dream property. The spokesperson states that they can guarantee a loan amount, ranging from a few thousand dollars to $5 million to an average borrower.

LBC Mortgage has made the entire process hassle-free and simple for self-employed borrowers. A self-employed person may not have to furnish his/her tax returns or any proof of income like pay stubs in order to qualify for a loan. The spokesperson believes that many self-employed often find it difficult to meet the minimum income requirement for mortgage finance. LBC Mortgage brings no income verification home loans that can be ideal for all self-employed people, irrespective of their income levels. With a minimum 600 point credit score, a borrower can qualify for a home loan and will need to arrange for a 10% down payment only.

The spokesperson reveals that they maintain a vast network and this is the reason why they can guarantee the lowest rate on their loans. The mortgage broker company in California thus saves borrowers from paying excessive mortgage, which otherwise can have a long-lasting impact on the financial stability of a borrower. They also offer a free quote to a prospective home buyer in California, and one just needs to fill up a simple online form to receive a free quote from them.

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LBC Mortgage Company was founded in 2008, back in the midst of the real estate bubble burst and recession — the precise time frame that many mortgage companies were closing their doors and going out of business. The company focuses on residential mortgages, hard money lending, purchase money loans and FHA financing for California residents.

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