Blood pressure is a vital body parameter and one must be extra cautious about it. Irregularities in blood pressure or heartbeat can cause severe damage to not only the brain but also to do the heart. It does not hurt to self-monitor your BP and heartbeat at home and consult a doctor if the reports are not within the desired range.
To assist the elderly and the young to take care of their own health, AccuraPulse has launched 100% automatic blood pressure and heartbeat monitoring Blood Pressure monitor. It is a portable device and offers an instant reading in less than a minute. This device is FDA and CE approves and the company still offers 1 year of guarantee if you are unhappy with the device.
You must regularly monitor your body parameters at different times of the day to keep a check on your health. Using the at-home Bp monitor is very simple, quick and efficient. If you have uncertain BP and/or heartbeat ratings, you may not even come to know until you get it checked from a doctor. It is thus advisable, to keep an automatic BP monitoring device at home so that you can check your BP and heart rate once every few days and immediately visit a doctor if the report is alarming.
We strongly suggest pregnant women with a history of hypertension to purchase the AccuraPulse portable digital BP monitor and regularly use it for monitoring purposes. It has a wrist cuff and hence the expecting mother can tie it on her wrist without anybody’s help. The device has a large backlit LCD screen and records two users data, you can retrieve last 60 reports per user for your doctor’s reference.
The digital monitors tend to be less accurate than the aneroid ones that the doctors use, it is best to use the at-home digital BP monitors for an estimate of readings and get it cross-checked at your doctor’s click once every month. The estimate will at least give you an idea of any irregularities in the heartbeat or blood pressure and suggest you consult a doctor at the earliest.
Hope the above tips have helped you understand the benefits of possessing a digital monitor for your blood pressure and heartbeat. Buy the AccuraPulse monitor today and take the first step towards your goal of a healthy you!