Fossil The Commuter Quartz FS5275 Men’s WatchThe Commuter Quartz FS5275 Men’s Watch from fossil is a classic and soothing design. Size-wise, the Fossil Japanese Automatic is rather on the modest side at 38mm wide in a steel case. There is also a version with a steel metal bracelet which isn’t too bad. The design of the watch is really not objectionable (though a few extra millimeters on the case would have been good), it is just the overall lack of soul which gets to me. In terms of this much remarked upon Japanese movement, Fossil is equally unclear on where it comes from .The Commuter meets your work to weekend needs with its iconic construction and clean aesthetic.

The Commuter Quartz FS5275 Men’s Watch is compatible with all 22mm straps. For this interchangeable design, check out all compatible 22mm watch straps for this design. The high-quality leather is well-known for its softness and ability to look good over time. A watch which is a normal gent’s watch has a minimal complexity and a case size of 42mm. Stainless steel case with 50 meter water resistance do not make it unusual, but very normal. It has a power reserve of 46 hours. The Fossil’s brushed metal face looks smart, while the hands and hour markers are clear and easy to read.

However, they do not illuminate in the dark, making it impossible to see the time at night. The orange of the seconds hand and tips of the hour and minute hands are a pleasing aesthetic touch to what is a very attractive wearable.

From a design perspective of, Fossil The Minimalist Slim 3H Quartz Men’s Watch the cases and dials aren’t bad. Nothing to write home about, but classic and soothing to the eye in a vintage military sort of way. Looks like a cross between a Bell and Ross mixed with a lot of Swiss Army Victorinox DNA. There is some manner of luminant on the dials and the hour markers are applied – which is a positive. You get the distinct impression that Fossil wanted to come out the Swiss doors with a very safe design, do nothing particularly new, and see how it went. At about half the price, they might be a strong buy.

Bottom line: A clean fuss free watch with a three hand and date showing dial. The case is the iconic wire lug. The name suggests an easy going and complication less operation. Overall, Mens Fossil Watches is great for the rough and tough users.