AEN established in 1990 and gradually grown into the most reliable company in wholesalers of circuit breakers, transformers and panelboards. Twenty-three years of experience in this company, we deliver original parts of electricity with one year warranty on our selling parts. Our company provides the latest technology in electric parts. We ensure that our customers get the lowest price on new or reconditioned parts. AEN serves in the USA, Canada so many countries and serves high-quality electric parts for commercial and residential use also.

Our circuit breakers accommodate at your commercial and residential use. We replace our products as per your need in any case. We offer the diverse range of circuit breakers such as Crouse Hinds Circuit Breakers, Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers, General Electric Circuit Breakers, Murray Circuit Breakers, Square D Circuit Breakers, Zinsco Circuit Breakers etc. You will see new features insert in every part because we purchase the products from different companies to provide the latest technology to our customers. We sell electric parts online as well as an offline market.

We aggregate all the parts safely in our warehouse. In case the customer gets breakable parts so we can change easily whether it is online as well as offline. All products sold come with shipping paid both ways in case any replacements are needed. Our motive is to provide our all services at the reasonable price serve the latest technology to your business and maximize your profit.

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