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Market Overview:
The global chitosan market should reach $ 2,550.2 million in 2025, up from $ 1,205 million in 2020, recording a CAGR of 10.7% between 2020 and 2025. Chitosan is the type of chitin deacetylated, A biopolymer extracted from shells of crustaceans such as shrimp, crabs and others. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAOSTAT), around 750,000 tonnes of crustacean waste are produced each year in Europe. In the crustacean procedure, approximately 40% of the total mass is the shell, while the rest is eaten. These shell debris is cleaved with a large amount of chitin which is then processed to produce chitosan, glucosamine, and other derivatives. On average, a shellfish used is made up of 30 to 40% protein, 30 to 50% calcium carbonate and about 30% chitin. Chitin-containing shell wastes are made from particular alkalis and acids under optimal reaction conditions. After successive demineralization and deproteinization, chitin is produced, which is then deacetylated to obtain chitosan. In addition to shellfish waste, chitosan can also be obtained from certain fungi. However, the small amount of chitin in the fungal cell walls and the absence of an optimal process to extract chitin on a commercial scale make it a less used source for chitosan production. Complications of kidney failure can be cured with chitosan. Complications can be insomnia, high cholesterol, anemia, etc. There are examples where people apply chitosan directly to the gums to treat inflammation.

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Report segmented as:
By grade:
• Industrial grade
• Food grade
• Pharmaceutical grade
The industrial grade fragment is predicted to be leading the global chitosan market in the foreseen period. The pharmaceutical grade and food grade products are also touted to project at a notable CAGR in the coming years.
By application:
• Water treatment
• Food and beverages
• Cosmetics
• Medical and pharmaceuticals
• Agrochemicals
• Others
Water treatment fragment is predicted to dominate the global market in the foreseen period with the increasing call for purified water across the world. The need for water treatment has given higher preference in both developed and developing economies across the globe.
Impact of Covid – 19 on Chitosan market:
For instance, Bosti has created a procedure, for restricted supply and protected release, delivery developments for intrapulmonary drugs perfect for healing patients with COVID-19. Preclinical tests showed that Novochizol was a secure and essential drug delivery technique. Bioavanta-Bosti, who is a dominator in chitosan nanoparticle study, declared the introduction of Novochizol, a special polysaccharide nanotechnology, which can be employed to encapsulate any active pharmaceutical ingredient – tiny or biological molecule – for localized and prolonged release administration into any tissue. or organ.
Bioavanta-Bosti has just completed the development of a 48-hour NovochizolTM-based manufacturing process to generate formulations for intrapulmonary drug delivery tailored to the treatment of patients with COVID-19. “We may not have lot of information about the covid-19 disease, but we do know that the lungs are the spot where infection and the leading inflammatory answer cause tissue damage with outputs.” As an output, the lungs are the spot where better drug treatment can become a life-saving thing
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