Analysis of Economic Effect of Sanctions

Arnaud Develay, an international lawyer and expert at the Center for Geopolitical Studies, analyzed the current economic situation in Europe after the implementation of sanctions for Russia.

Arnaud Develay, international lawyer and expert of the Center for Geopolitical Studies, analyzed the current economic situation in Europe, emphasizing the following risks:

– high inflation rates (in the UK inflation has exceeded 11%, in Italy the prices have reached a four-decade high);

– unsustainable financial situation for small and medium businesses (183 530 companies closed in France alone);

– energy crisis and increasing bills.

The starting recession is taking place due to the economic difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Green New Deal agenda, the destruction of the NorthStream pipeline and anti-Russian sanctions, and active financial and military aid to Ukraine, which has created tremendous pressure on the EU economy.

In the article published at Arnaud Develay elaborates on the reasons causing an unprecedented crisis leading to a possible “end of abundance” as French President Emmanuel Macron named it, demonstrating the devastating effects of the anti-Russian sanction resulting in deteriorating quality of life in the EU and UK.

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Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray Products Earn Perfect 5-Star Rating on Google

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About Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spay

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The On-Site Meeting of ‘Beautiful Countryside Construction – Qianwan Project’ Held in Jiande, Hangzhou

Hanzhou, China, Dec 4, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Jiande Municipal Committee announces that the on-site meeting of ‘Beautiful Countryside Construction – Qianwan Project’ is held in Jiande city, Hangzhou city. The on-site meeting was held on December 2nd. The delegates from Hangzhou walked into the countryside with great interest and experienced the charm of Jiande beautiful countryside.

Since Zhejiang implemented the project of “Demonstration of Thousand Villages and Renovation of Ten Thousand Villages” in 2003, Hangzhou has adhered to the idea of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” as its development, and continuously promoted the “Qianwan Project”. Hangzhou is also leading in beautiful countryside construction. It is understood that 85% of the existing more than 2,000 villages in Hangzhou have built beautiful countryside. By the end of this year, Hangzhou will have built a “beautiful countryside” in an all-round way. This on-site meeting will plan the objectives, tasks, carriers and practical paths for Hangzhou to further promote the “Qianwan Project”, build a livable, suitable industry and beautiful countryside, and work together to write a new chapter of high-quality development.

In recent years, centering on the general goal of “promoting common prosperity and building a livable Jiande in an all-round way”, in the construction of beautiful countryside, it has adhered to the principle of party building to guide convergence, optimize ecology, promote industrial development, resolutely adhered to the ecology, pushed forward the “Qianwan Project” in depth, and drew a blueprint for common prosperity. It has successively won the title of “Encouraging County” with obvious improvement effect on rural human settlements in the State Council, Beautiful Countryside Model County in the new era.

On the same day, Fu Yongwei, secretary of Jiande Municipal Committee, talked about “protecting the ecology and creating a beautiful home for common prosperity” at the meeting. Jiande’s “Three Persistences” got a good response at the meeting. Taking “environment” as the foundation, it continuously polishes the beautiful rural ecological outlook; Taking “industry” as the core, it continuously promotes the beautiful countryside economic value; With “people’s livelihood” as the core, the happiness of beautiful countryside is constantly improved. In the next step, Jiande will continue to promote the construction of beautiful countryside, make efforts to strengthen the village and enrich the people, and make greater contributions to the vivid practice of “two pioneers” in rural Hangzhou.

Beautiful countryside not only makes villages beautiful, but also drives industries. Zhijiang Village is one of the first batch of 36 “future villages” in China, and the delegates praised its “beauty has turned into a bright future”. On both sides of Xin’an River in Zhijiang Village, ten photography spots were designed along the way, such as “Fishing Boat Singing in the Evening” and “Boating Amid the Smoke”, which attracted many photographers and beautiful women and brought great popularity to local homestays. During this period, the delegates also went deep into the school, market and other places to experience the effectiveness of beautiful countryside’s construction.

Zhejiang’s strawberry is in Jiande, and Jiande’s strawberry is in Yangcun Bridge. At Yangcun Bridge, the delegates visited the strawberry planting history, the construction mode of agricultural industry “standard field” and the talent project of “strawberry master” in Jiande through greenhouse, strawberry co-prosperity workshop and aerial strawberry science and technology planting demonstration garden, and got a deep understanding of outstanding rural talents such as “Qiangcun Company”, “co-prosperity workshop”, “Nongchuangke” and “Jiande Master”, which made important contributions to the rise of beautiful countryside.

In Meicheng Town, the delegates visited the provincial-level Intangible Cultural Heritage program of Yanzhou Shrimp Lantern in “Qianhe Family” Square, and visited Qianhe Culture Auditorium, Heju Living Room, Qianhe Women’s Militia Heritage Hall, Hejia Children’s Hall and other places, and experienced the historical and cultural charm of the revival of this thousand-year-old city, and felt the new look of beautiful countryside construction in the new era.

How to build the beautiful countryside in the new period? In the afternoon, the meeting shows the video of “Beautiful Village, a Prosperous Future”. Hangzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau (Hangzhou), Jiande city, Linping District, Zhongshan Township, Fuyang District, Lishan Town and Anding Village respectively exchanged their experiences.

The goal of the “Five Beauties” construction is: to build beautiful countryside in the new era, there must be the harmony between landscape and nature, the blending of modern and traditional humanities, the beauty of vitality in which livable and suitable for business complement each other, the beauty of coordination between urban and rural development, and the beauty of harmony between civilization and good governance.

To this end, Hangzhou has issued the “Seven Actions”, and put forward specific requirements from rural construction, human settlements improvement, industrial revitalization, public service improvement, modernization of governance, strengthening villages and enriching people, and digital rural construction. For example, Hangzhou will start a number of digital villages and future rural construction next year, and further improve the overall mechanism of reserved land in villages and towns to promote the flow of urban resources to villages.

“Hangzhou should solidly promote the revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, organization and other aspects, and strive for the common prosperity and modernization of Hangzhou.” The relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Agriculture Bureau (Hangzhou Rural Revitalization Bureau) said.

Media contact

Publicity Department of Jiande Municipal Committee


Tel: +86 15857143688


SOURCE: Publicity Department of Jiande Municipal Committee

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Japan – Release of Mazda Integrated Report 2022

Mazda Motor Corporation today released the first Mazda Integrated Report 2022(1), a structured presentation from both financial and non-financial perspectives looking at Mazda’s approach to value creation and other efforts, on the company’s official website.

The Integrated Report is a comprehensive compilation of Mazda’s medium- and long-term management policies, ESG-based solutions to social challenges, and approaches underlying these initiatives. The report will also be helpful for shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders in better understanding Mazda’s unique approach grounded in our human-centered philosophy for producing value through engineering and manufacturing as well as the creation of human connections.

Mazda will continue to create moving experiences in people’s daily lives and mobility experiences, which will uplift and energize people and bring more enjoyment to their everyday lives, as we aim to achieve sustainability in both our business and society.

Mazda Integrated Report 2022 Contents

Chapter 1: About Mazda – Top Message, History of Mazda’s Growth, etc.

Chapter 2: Value Creation – Value Creation Process, Mid-Term Management Plan, etc.

Chapter 3: ESG – Initiatives for Achieving Sustainability, Carbon Neutrality, and a Safe and Secure Automotive Society, etc.

The Mazda Sustainability Report 2022(2) will continue to provide a thorough presentation of the company’s sustainability initiatives.

Mazda’s Official Website:

Mazda Integrated Report (Japanese page)(1)

(1) The English version of Mazda Integrated Report 2022 will be available in late January 2023.

(2) The Mazda Sustainability Report 2022 will be released in Japanese in late December 2022 and in English in late January 2023.

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Hong Kong – Special announcement on train incident between MTR LOHAS Park Station and MTR Tseung Kwan O Station

Special announcement on train incident between MTR LOHAS Park Station and MTR Tseung Kwan O Station


Attention TV and radio duty announcers:

     Please broadcast the following special announcement as soon as possible, and repeat it at suitable intervals:

     A train incident occurred between MTR LOHAS Park Station and MTR Tseung Kwan O Station at 9.18am today (December 5). The Fire Services Department is conducting a rescue operation and assisting in the evacuation of members of the public at scene.