QA Mentor, one of the best software testing companies, offers various on-site and remote training courses and workshops. The company has launched a workshop on cyber security of an organization. The workshop is named as “Practical cyber security management Integrated solutions”. The duration of this workshop is two days. The workshop will be delivered on-site, it means on the company premises that opt for the workshop. Dr. Roni Deutsch (CISSP) will conduct the workshop for the students. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of cyber security. He is highly knowledgeable and expert in this industry and has trained many big organizations on this topic. He is a certified trainer and coach that have empowered hundreds of public, private and government companies.

The offered workshop is designed for all different levels of employees in the company, including, but not limited to, developers, software testing engineers, managers and anyone who wants to understand cyber solutions in context of their own business and want to learn how to prevent the holistic cyber system that is made up of people, regulations, machines, cloud, tools and many other entities. This workshop aims to educate professionals how all different entities of an organization create a cyber system, what kind of patterns gives alarming signals that the system is on the radar of attackers or hackers and how to prevent the attacks. This workshop consists seven different modules that are listed below:

1. Introduction to cyber security
2. What is an advanced cyber security environment?
3. Advanced cyber solutions
4. Future Cyber Solutions
5. Review and future adjustment
6. Introduction to Economics of cyber security
7. Introduction to Quality Assurance in cyber security

“Cyber security is a big concern these days. The main challenge is people don’t understand what actually cyber system is. It is not limited to something connected to the internet. All computer embedded things, tools, systems, even humans are part of cyber system and prone to attack. Our workshop customize content according to the client organization to which our expert, Dr. Roni Deutsch conduct the workshop. He will start with explaining the cyber system. He will also coach participants with the methods to create a sustainable and secure network and environment. Further, he will coach them to identify the patterns that indicate the possible attack methods and tools and methods to prevent those attacks by using existing resources of the company. This workshop is important for all companies and organizations that want to create a secure and sustainable business. It is not limited to software testing company or service. This workshop is for everyone that wants to safeguard business from the losses occurred from cyber attacks.” remarked Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO and Co-founder, QA Mentor.

The company has a webpage that provides more details about this workshop, its modules, its benefits and the coach, so the interested learners and companies can get all required details. The webpage is accessible here