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The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi is one of the most trusted Wrongful death lawyers in Chico, CA. Their lawyer mainly focuses on personal injury and wrongful death cases. The personal injury law can be applied in certain situations such as accidents, intentional acts and defamation. So, when you have caused by any one of these situations, their lawyer will guide you by giving the legal advices and they will get a compensation for your accident from the offending party.

The Wrongful Death or accident may occur in many situations, so you should hire an experienced and skilled wrongful death lawyer to lead your case in legal manner to claim your compensation you deserve. The wrongful death may cause due to

• Car accidents, bus and motorcycle accidents
• Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
• Slip, trip, and fall accidents
• Assaults
• Construction accidents

Our Lawyers had won many cases and they have claimed a maximum compensation of $75 million dollars for their injured and wrongful death clients.

Defend and Retrieve your ownership
If you or your loved one is caused by injuries or wrongful death, due to others carelessness, then anyone of their family member can file a case. Their attorneys are more experienced and skillful in wrongful death law case; they will be collecting all the required details about the case you have filed. They will update you the status of the case and identify the available options for you to get the maximum compensation. They will not ask you to pay any amount to lead your case until they get the compensation for your losses.

About The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi
The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi is a well-known law office in Chico, CA, which has highly skilled personal injury claims attorney. Their attorneys have 30 years of experience in personal injury claims and wrongful death and won maximum in payment for their client. The main goal of their team is to get deserved compensation for the wrongful death victims. They offer 24/7 service to their clients. To know more about wrongful death lawyer in Chico, visit

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Chico, CA 95926
Phone No: 530-895-1234