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Have you been dreaming of an online makeover so that you can look more photogenic like your neighbor? Worry no more. PinkMirror allows you to upload photos that you need retouched, and automatically does the job for you. Once processing is done you can then boost saturation and change the white balance to give the photos a warmer more inviting color. The free photo retouching feature allows you to alter the strength of your operations such as off, low, high and max thus giving you the desired outcome. What makes PinkMirror more professional is that it has a wide variety of features such as Spot removal, Eye brightening, Red eye removal, Eye brightening, large eyes, Face lifts, Teeth whitening and nose sculpting. The site allows you to click on the retouch again with changes to allow you to have the online makeover experience of your dreams. After the photo is done you can proceed to checkout where you will be prompted to pay for the service you have always dreamt off. The service does not keep your photo and automatically deletes them once you have finished paying and checkout is complete and you can now post it your favorite social network be it Facebook or Twitter.
To capture a great photo, a lot of techniques and skills are required, so a simple social network photo does not have to be expensive and done by professionals thank to this online makeover tool. The website has done over one million and counting photographs since its inception, with most of them recurring customers. The website ensures you have the most captivating and enchanting photo which will allow you to have more friends, likes and comments. One of the most popular photo editing tools is the Spot removal which allows you to remove any blemishes making it more smooth and beautiful. To make it more customers oriented, the spot tool has an off, low, high and max setting to alter the filters extent you want to implement on your image. Free photo retouching has never been easier thanks to this revolutionary software that has helped thousands of people and counting to have beautiful looking profile pictures and to make them feel more comfortable in their skin online.
After your photos have been edited, the application allows you to upload them to Facebook or just save them to device. PinkMirror also offers absolutely free photo retouching but there has to be a watermark that, the picture is also of a small size resolution which is not that appealing. The premium feature however, allows you to download and post a picture with full resolution with no watermarks making your profile pictures the best among your group of friends. So why don’t you give the service a chance and you will soon realize that the site will be your home for all your editing needs at reliable and cost effective prices tailored just for you. The site has a clean user interface and has been hailed all around the world as the best online makeover tool in recent years.

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