While studying in grade 9th and 10th, most of the students begin to take ownership of choosing the right career path to fulfil their dreams. Engineering & Medicine still continue to be the most sought after career choices for the students. And the foremost dream for any student who has an inclination towards engineering is to get admission into India’s top engineering institutions- the IITs.

We cannot ignore the students who have very limited access to quality education due to various reasons like inaccessibility to any reputed coaching institutes, unaffordable fees of classroom programs when we talk about bringing in reformation in education and the betterment of a community & a nation at large.

To succeed in competitive exams like IIT-JEE and score well, systematic coaching along with continuous mentoring is essential. Non-availability of effective yet inexpensive study programs for JEE preparation in the vicinity of their homes abstains the students from opening their minds to what is possible. And since moving away from their homes is not a workable option; as a consequence most of such students give up their aspirations of pursuing a career in engineering, medical sciences and so forth. FIITJEE-one of the most prominent education providers for competitive exams, has endeavoured to provide right encouragement and guidance in supplementary education for IIT-JEE to such students at their doorstep.

Aimed to emancipate the students of their limiting mind-sets of having low academic and career expectations, FIITJEE has offered their unique distance learning programs- Rankers Study Material (RSM) & Junior Rankers Study Material (Jr. RSM) which empower the students to study in the comfort of their homes along with an opportunity to appear for regular tests and continuous mentoring by the JEE experts of FIITJEE. These distance learning programs are designed to provide guidance for qualifying the JEE as well as other competitive exams like NTSE, KVPY and various Olympiads.

Since pattern of JEE question papers also keeps on evolving year after year and newer ways to test a student’s intelligence quotient are regularly being introduced, attaining a top rank in JEE (Main & Advanced) without the advantage of FIITJEE’s RSM is almost inconceivable. RSM consists of concept based study material which includes solved examples, objective as well as subjective problems of varying degrees of difficulty levels of the JEE & other competitive exams pattern to strengthen problem-solving skills and analytical abilities of the student. Getting clarity on exam pattern gives a student the advantage to prepare well ahead in time and these study programs correspond with upgraded techniques and amended patterns of JEE to inculcate pattern proof preparation in the students for JEE.

An integral part of these programs is FIITJEE’s iconic All India Test Series which evaluates a student’s position at an All India Level and bridges the gaps in his/her performance before it is too late. The prime objective of this test series is to develop effective examination and time management skills in IIT-aspirants. This test series has been logically derived and prepared by FIITJEE’s expert faculty with an approach to strengthen the concepts, keeping in view pattern and difficulty level of JEE examination and psychological temperament of students.

Moreover, this test series is conducted PAN India at 72 test centres in a definite and real time environment and gives the aspirant a real time rank potential index (RPI) to judge his/her own performance. Students can also analyse their mistakes, shortcomings in terms of concept & pattern through Test Analysis Sessions held regularly at FIITJEE centres where the experienced faculty guides them to score up to their maximum potential. And for those students who cannot be present at the test centres due to various reasons, test material along with the solutions is directly sent to their homes.

Another fundamental part of RSM and Jr. RSM is “myPAT- Online Test Series”, which empowers students to track their progress with an in depth analysis and also allowing them to assess themselves in both Test Mode and Learning Mode. Besides absolute performance analysis at varying levels like subject, chapter and concept, students can also check their performance in various types & difficulty levels of questions.

With the mission of helping JEE aspirants to the core, these distance learning programs are available at a very affordable price with minimum yet exclusive eligibility criteria and a lot of scholarship options purely based upon student’s grades in academic exams. Credibility of FIITJEE’s RSM & Jr. RSM is well explained from the JEE results of past few years. And it is no surprise that such students were able to crack JEE with flying colours and establish themselves amongst Top 100.

These distance learning programs not only align the student with his/her interests and goals but also give the fringe benefits: a realistic picture of their JEE preparation, command over a particular subject, speed in writing the exam and the scope to improve upon the shortcomings. All of which conjoined with hard-work, exceptional premeditation and perseverance are vital to JEE preparation.

The writer is Sandeep Sah NCRP Head,FIITJEE