Hong Kong – Appointments to Council of Lord Wilson Heritage Trust

Appointments to Council of Lord Wilson Heritage Trust


     ​The Government announced today (October 21) the appointment of Professor Joshua Mok Ka-ho as Chairman of the Council of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust and Dr Billy Tang Ka-jau as a Member of the Council for the period from October 21, 2022, to March 31, 2025.


     The Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau thanked the outgoing Chairman, Professor Ho Pui-yin, for her valuable contributions to the work of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust over the past years.

Hong Kong – Appointments to Expert Committee on Food Safety

Appointments to Expert Committee on Food Safety


     The Government today (September 19) announced the appointment of six new members and re-appointment of nine incumbent members, including the incumbent Chairman and Vice-Chairman, to the Expert Committee on Food Safety for a term of two years with effect from September 15, 2022.

     The Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Tse Chin-wan, said that food safety was one of the priorities of the Government, and an important livelihood issue. He thanked the six outgoing members, namely Mr Kenneth Chan Kin-nin, Dr Olivia Chan Sinn-kay, Mr Cheng Kit-man, Dr Wendy Ma Lynn, Professor Qiao Xiongwu and Professor Shelly Tse Lap-ah for their invaluable contributions to the work of the Expert Committee in the past. 

     The Expert Committee advises the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene (DFEH) on existing or new food safety operational strategies and measures to protect public health. It also advises the DFEH on standards or guidelines relating to food safety and food composition having regard to international practices, trends and developments.

     Following is the full membership of the Expert Committee with effect from September 15, 2022:



Professor Chen Zhenyu




Professor Wang Wenxiong


Local members


Professor Cai Zongwei

Dr Vicki Fong Lai-ying

Professor Lam Hon-ming

Dr Tse Man-li

Dr Wong Ka-hing

Dr Howard Wong Kai-hay

Dr Leslie Wong Pak-yuen

Dr Samson Wong Sai-yin

Ms Bonnie Yau Man


Members from outside Hong Kong


Dr Scott Crerar

Professor Andreas Hensel

Professor Wu Yongning

Professor Ye Guibiao


Ex-officio members


Representative of the Environment and Ecology Bureau

Representative of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Representative of the Department of Health

Hong Kong – Appointments to Elderly Commission

Appointments to Elderly Commission


     The Government announced today (July 15) the appointment of Dr Donald Li Kwok-tung as the Chairman and Professor Daniel Lai Wing-leung as a member of the Elderly Commission (EC). Their appointments will take effect from July 30, 2022, for a term of two years.

     Dr Li is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council and the Immediate Past President of the World Organization of Family Doctors. He is also the Chairman of the Action Committee Against Narcotics and a member of the Steering Committee on Primary Healthcare Development.

     Professor Lai is the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Chair Professor of Social Work of the Hong Kong Baptist University.

     The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Mr Chris Sun, said, “The EC has been assisting the Government in formulating a comprehensive policy in caring for elderly persons over the past two decades or so. Dr Li and Professor Lai are both well experienced in elderly-related issues and are experts in their respective fields. I look forward to working closely with them in further improving elderly services in Hong Kong.”

     In addition, Mr Sun expressed his gratitude to the outgoing Chairman, Dr Lam Ching-choi, who has been serving on the EC for nearly 20 years, first as a member and subsequently as the Vice-chairman and the Chairman. He said, “Dr Lam’s capable leadership and unfailing support have been instrumental for the Government to take forward various new policy initiatives on the elderly front gradually, especially those recommended under the Elderly Services Programme Plan.” Mr Sun also thanked Dr Vivian Lou Wei-qun for her valuable contribution to and active participation in the work of the EC over the past six years.

     The membership of the EC for the new term is as follows:



Dr Donald Li Kwok-tung

Non-official members


Dr Bai Xue

Dr Johnnie Casire Chan Chi-kau

Ms Maggie Chan Mei-kit

Ms Tammy Chan Yee-ching

Mr Chua Hoi-wai

Dr Elsie Hui

Professor Daniel Lai Wing-leung

Professor Linda Lam Chiu-wa

Mr Lau Tat-chuen

Ms Grace Li Fai

Mr Horace Lit Hoo-yin

Dr James Luk Ka-hay

Mr Theodore Ma Heng

Mr Kyrus Siu King-wai

Ms Macy Wong Chor-kei

Miss Yu Chui-yee

Official members


Secretary for Labour and Welfare or representative

Secretary for Health or representative

Secretary for Housing/Director of Housing or representative

Director of Health or representative

Director of Social Welfare or representative

Chief Executive, Hospital Authority or representative

Hong Kong – Appointments to Energy Advisory Committee announced

Appointments to Energy Advisory Committee announced


     The Government today (July 15) announced that Mr Jimmy Kwok Chun-wah has been re-appointed as the Chairman of the Energy Advisory Committee, and 17 community figures appointed as members. The appointments are for a term of two years with effect from today.

     The Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Tse Chin-wan, thanked the Chairman and members for their valuable contributions to the work of the Committee. “Under the sterling leadership of Mr Kwok, the Committee has tendered invaluable advice to the Government on important energy matters. Looking ahead, we will continue to work closely with the Committee on various energy policy matters, including decarbonisation and the promotion of renewable energy as well as energy efficiency and conservation in the community,” he said.

    Mr Tse also expressed his gratitude to the six retiring members, Mr Wilson Kwong Wing-tsuen, Mr James Lam Yat-fung, Ms Rerina Or Siu-ching, Mr Cliff Tang Wing-chun, Mr Luther Wong Lok-tak and Mr Thomas Jefferson Wu, for their support and service during the past six years, and welcomed two new members to the Committee, namely Ms Au Yeung Chi-ting and Mr Chui Tim-wai.

     The Committee advises the Government on energy policy, including policy matters concerning energy supply and demand, energy conservation and efficiency, and other related matters.

     The full membership of the Committee is as follows:

* Mr Jimmy Kwok Chun-wah (Chairman)

Ms Au Yeung Chi-ting

* Professor Andrew Chan Chi-fai

* Mr Keith Chan Chuk-hin

* Ms Natalie Chan

* Dr Vincent Cheng Sai-yau

* Mr Cheung Chi-wah

Mr Chui Tim-wai

* Professor Fung Tung

* Ms Linda Ho Wai-ping

* Ms Hilda Lam Hiu-nga

* Mr Ellis Lau Ying-tung

* Ms Ivy Lee Siu-wing

* Ms Donna Sit Tsz-shan

* Ms Christina Tang Pik-han

* Dr Conrad Wong Tin-cheung

* Mr Ryan Yeung Shun-cheung

* Ms Elsa Yuen May-yee

* Permanent Secretary for Environment and Ecology (Environment)/Director of Environmental Protection or representative

* Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services or representative

* Serving members

Hong Kong – Appointments to Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals

Appointments to Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals


     The Government today (June 27) announced the appointment of the Chairperson and members of the Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals for a two-year term from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2024.

     The Committee advises the Director of Immigration on applications received under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.

     The Committee will be chaired by Mr Chow Chung-kong and comprise 25 non-official members. The non-official membership is (in alphabetical order of family names) as follows:

Mr Chow Chung-kong (Chairperson)

Ms Ann Au Chor-kwan*

Dr Daniel Chan Ching-yan

Mr Joel Chan Cho-sing*

Ms Michelle Cheng

Mr Human Cheung

Mr He Yi-ming

Mr Andy Hei Kao-chiang

Ms Samantha Ho Shuk-yee

Dr Gabriel Hung Bing-kei

Ms Eva Lau Sau-fan*

Mr Gary Lau Sun-tao*

Mr Albert Lee

Ms Sylvia Lee Hiu-wah

Ms Rebecca Lee Pui-yi*

Mr Pat Leung Chi-ming*

Mr Jerome Leung Ty

Dr Liu Yuk-shing

Ms Anthea Lo Wing-sze

Ms Joyce Tam Joy-yee*

Ms Kelly Wong Ka-lei*

Professor Chris Wong Kong-chu*

Mr Woo King-hang

Dr Jack Yeung Chung-kit*

Ms Karmen Yeung Ka-yin*

Mr Desmond Yip Koon-shing*


* Newly appointed

     Ex-officio members on the Committee are representatives from the Labour and Welfare Bureau, the Security Bureau and the Labour Department.

     “We are grateful to the Committee for its service over the past two years, and have benefited from their wise counsel. We look forward to the valuable advice from the Chairperson, Mr Chow Chung-kong, re-appointed members as well as the new members,” a Government spokesman said.