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Automotive interior is an important decision-making factor for consumers, as it influences consumer opinion. Manufacturers have been experimenting with different materials in the interior of vehicles in order to provide a premium feel to the occupant. Wooden interior trims have earlier been utilized in luxurious vehicles; however, currently, wooden interiors are being utilized in sedans too. Wooden interiors are mostly employed in dashboard, cup holders, and door trims.

Demand for automotive wooden interior is rising globally owing to its pleasing aesthetics. Wooden interiors were being utilized by a few major brands only, such as Rolls Royce and Lexus, in recent years. Presently, wooden interiors are provided in mid-range sedans and SUVs as well, which is boosting its market. However, the high density of wood, as compared to modern plastics and carbon fibre, is likely to hamper the market for wooden interiors as the high density of wood affects the performance and fuel economy of the vehicle. Rising popularity of aluminium for automotive interior is expected to restrain the automotive wooden interior decorative market.

The global automotive wooden interior decorative market can be segment based on application, sales channel, vehicle, and region. Based on application, dashboard is expected to be a major segment, as a wooden dashboard is gaining popularity among mid-range sedans and sports utility vehicles.

In terms of sales channel, the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) segment is likely to hold a major share of the market, as in most cases, interiors of vehicles are not replaced. However, in some luxurious vehicles, there is an option to change the interior whenever the owner wishes to. Rising popularity for aftermarket modification of vehicles is likely to boost the aftermarket segment.

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Based on vehicle, the automotive wooden interior decorative market can be bifurcated into passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle. Mostly, passenger vehicles are equipped with wooden interiors owing to their high cost and higher preference for aesthetics in passenger vehicles. Wooden interiors are very rarely employed in commercial vehicles; moreover, it can be utilized for light commercial vehicles. Wooden interiors are likely to gain popularity for performance (sports) vehicles; however, the high density of wood, as compared to its alternatives such as carbon fiber and different grades of plastics, restrict its application only to luxury cars.

In terms of region, Asia Pacific is anticipated to be a leading market owing to the high production of vehicles in the region, followed by Europe. Rising preference for luxury vehicles in developing economies of Asia Pacific is likely to boost the automotive wooden interior decorative market in the region. High production of premium vehicles in the region is attributable for its large market share in the automotive wooden interior decorative market.

Key players operating in the global automotive wooden interior decorative market include Novem Car Interior Design GmbH, FormWood Industries, Inc., NAS Northern Automotive Systems Ltd, ATD Coventry, Neaton Auto Products Manufacturing, Inc., NBHX Trim Management Services GmbH, LUXWOOD TRIM INC. and Lawrence Automotive Interiors Ltd.

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