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The global Electrical bushing market is estimated to grow at ~3.5% CAGR during the forecast period. Electrical bushing are insulated devices which are used in high voltage transmission so as to avoid current leakage. Due to its composition and rigid design these devices are most effective in electrical application which are driving factor in this market. Many isolated countries and island are meeting their electrical energy needs through electrical bushing. Technological developments in electrical bushing like reducing the diameters of the porcelain housings to make them slimmer and also lighter has helped in transport and installation of bushings which have resulted in growth in market.

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According to the recent study 2017, ABB has successfully tested the direct current (DC) transformer bushing developed for ultra-high voltage direct current. The capacity of this bushing is around 1100 kv which is installed in china for hydro-generated electricity.

Segmental Analysis:

The global Electrical bushing market has been segmented based on insulation type, voltage type, end-user type and region. On the basis of insulation type, the market is segmented as liquid-insulated bushing, oil-impregnated paper bushing, combined insulation bushing, gas-impregnated bushing and others. oil-impregnated paper bushing segment had been dominating the market due to high voltage capability. On the basis of voltage type, the market is segmented as Low voltage bushings, High voltage bushings. High voltage bushings had a larger market share in the year 2017 and is expected to dominate the global Electrical bushing market during the forecast period as high-power rating and stability in transmission. On the basis of End-User, the market is segmented as Utilities, Industries and others. Utilities segment dominates the global Electrical bushing market as it has multiple uses in transformers and circuit breaker.

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Prominent Players:

The key players of the global Electrical bushings market are ABB Group, TRENCH Group (SIEMENS), General Electric, Eaton, Elliot Industries, Gipro GMBH, RHM International, Toshiba, Webster-Wilkinson, Siemens (Germany), Nexans (France) are among others.

Regional Analysis:

Asia-Pacific region is expected to dominate the market for electrical bushing market due to increased demand for power from renewable sources of energy. China is one of the largest users of electrical bushings in this region. World biggest DC transformer bushing is tested in china, the capacity of this bushing is around 1100kv. As there is tremendous investment in hydro-generated industry and this will drive the electrical bushing market.

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