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The global market for rigid packaging is expected to witness high growth in coming years as a reason for increasing demand for various products that require effective packaging. Rigid packaging is largely used to protect products from physical shock and damage. Moreover, they are vastly used for packing volatile and highly reactive products without damaging or contaminating the product. The significant use of rigid packaging is seen in areas where flexible packaging fails to provide effective solution such as while packing chemicals, liquids, bulk and heavy-duty packaging. The demand for rigid packaging has grown with increasing global trade and transportation from one place to another.

The global market for rigid packaging segment is based on material, product, applications, and region. Segmented on the basis of plastic, steel, glass, paper and paperboard, and wood. The material type glass, steel, paper and paperboard material can be recycled and reused, and it accounts to 60% of the total rigid packaging market. Moreover, growing intake of tobacco products and glasses used to consume alcoholic beverages have increased the demand for rigid packaging market in past few years.

The report consists of in-depth evaluation for the global rigid packaging market, which includes drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities.  To give a precise understanding of the market report also focuses on regional analysis and categories in which the market is divided. All the analysis presented in the report are based on accurate facts and figures.

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The global market for rigid packaging is projected to grow in the coming years, as there is significant rise in demand from the emerging economies especially from China and India.  The growing demand from food and beverages industry has certainly boosted the demand for rigid packaging market. Moreover, changing lifestyle and trends among the urban population in various countries have also increased the demand for rigid packaging. Packaged food products to meet the requirements with changing lifestyle has also contributed to grow the market.