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As wealthy investors are focused on the benefits of citizenship by investment programs, and rightfully so, it has proven to be an avenue for growth for everyone involved.
Countries with smaller populations will find that citizenship by investment offer a major boost to their economy. When taking St. Kitts and Nevis, for example, the investment from the program goes to the Sugar Diversification Fund. The second option for investors is to invest in property ownership, boosting the local infrastructure.
When looking at the advantages these programs offer investors, the major enticement is visa-free travel to over 100 plus countries. This is a significant benefit for investors that want to do business in various parts of the world and would have been restricted due to the passport they hold. At the same time, with a second passport business professionals from a particular country can circumvent pre-existing bans and travel to countries where relations are strained with their own country of origin. No matter which country the investor originally hails from, a second passport will give the freedom to travel anywhere they wish.
While countries welcome asylum seekers there is still a formal process to apply for citizenship. The paperwork and legal proceedings are lengthy and can take years. Even the smallest detail can become an obstacle and prevent the citizenship moving forward. This is undue stress on the person and rather than endure the unknown, the citizenship by investment program streamlines the path toward citizenship.

In circumstances, where there is need of consular support a powerful passport will benefit in times of trouble. From a practical perspective, holding a passport from a nation in the European Union or even Canada means that the possibility of obtaining help in a crisis would increase. In addition, citizenship by investment programs in Dubai would provide protection from political unrest from the country of origin.

The Head of Bayat was quoted as saying, “We offer a fast and easy way to obtain a second citizenship. We have worked with immigration experts and governments for over two decades. We are able to offer meaningful advice to investors that go beyond the traditional immigration service”.

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Bayat Group in Dubai is a law firm that specializes in business immigration, corporate immigration and economic citizenship. With over two decades in the industry, Bayat Group has accumulated in-depth knowledge and practical experience to offer advice and guidance to business professionals and others on matters related to immigration and visa services. Our law firm is able to distinguish itself from others by understanding that no two clients are alike and designing individual strategies to meet the requirements of our client’s profile and needs. For more information visit our website on