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Maharashtra, 31 July 2018: An Indian fast fashion e-commerce company,Incosi Fashions, set up with a vision of becoming world’s leading fast fashion and lifestyle technology company,announces a new range of watchesfor Indian Youth.

Ralph Pierre is a fast fashion brand offering trendy watches catering to the youth. The collection comprises 10 watches classified under 3 categories – Actif, Bande and Sublime. These watches come with high performance features in trendy colors and designs.

The entire range of Ralph Pierre includes stylish & top quality fashion goods at reasonable prices for today’s youth. In addition to the looks and design, quality of the watches as well has been well defined. Each watch in the Ralph Pierre collection comes with Citizen Miyota Movement and SONY batteries with a 3 years life span.

Fast Fashion is emerging as an aggressively growing category in the Indian Retail Sector. In recent years, Indian fashion retail market has witnessed several significant changes which speak for country’s growing fashion retail market. One of the main significant change is advancing online retail or e-retail of fashion goods throughout the country.

With the increased usage of the internet and the increased acceptance of smartphones, the consumers’ awareness about international trends is increasing and accordingly, they are seeking the same. Due to the improved living standard and higher disposable income, today’s young consumers are willing to spend on the latest fashion trends at the best value prices.

Ralph Pierre bridges the gap between the class and affordability in the fast fashion segment. Ralph Pierre has been launched with watches for now and soon other fashion categories are to be added. With trendy international designs and aggressive pricing, Ralph Pierre provides a viable option to users to own quality trendy fashion goods at reasonable prices.

About Incosi Fashions Pvt. Ltd.

Incosi Fashions is an Indian Fast Fashion e-commerce company created by Fashion and Technology enthusiasts. It is a house of brands created with an aim to make innovative fashion & lifestyle technology products to fit all pockets. The current portfolio includes brands like Crossloop and Ralph Pierre that bring the latest technology fashion products at guilt-free prices. These two brands are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fashion & lifestyle technology in Indian Market.

Media Contact:
Shubham Khare