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The timeless treasures of one’s heart always belong to the childhood days. And there are some memories which are just irreplaceable. Interacting with Singer Sonu Nigam and actress Diana Penty about Bombay Times’ #FlirtWithYourCity campaign, they share their unforgettable memories.
Despite all the madness and the chaos in the city, Mumbai which was back then known as Bombay has been always a home for Sonu Nigam, talking about his love for the city he said, “My favourite childhood memory has to be gum-boots. I belong to Delhi. We never had gumboots there as it never rained so heavily there. But when I came to Mumbai, during the monsoon, we used to wear those and go to school.”

Actress Diana Penty reminisces the Golden wafers which were available at Boman Irani’s shop, from her childhood days, she said, “We used to get INR 5 a day as pocket money and after school hours, we used to rush to the shop and have different flavoured wafers. My other favourite memorable place has to be the Regal bakery which is one of the most iconic Irani cafés and it was quite near to the place I lived.”

While Sonu and Diana spoke about their childhood memories here, some people came to this city to pursue their dreams, Bombay is also known as ‘Mayanagari’ or the city of dreams. It pushes you hard to follow your dreams and not just sit idle. The city is also the entertainment capital, where artists can explore their talents and pursue their dreams.

Actor Varun Sharma who hails from North India shares that he has always been influenced by actor Shah Rukh Khan, he said, “I have grown up watching his films. I once happened to see him at Carter Road when India had won the 2011 ICC World Cup at Wankhede and he was out there waving to his fans. Looking at him, I also hoped to join the film fraternity one day and I consider myself to very lucky that I could work with him in Dilwale.