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Black Forest Fire Wood Company provides its customers with clean wood for using it as an external fuel source. Our company provides its esteem clients with the best quality wood as the wood goes through a proper cleaning process for removing unwanted materials from it. Our wood is of excellent quality as it doesn’t damage the environment to a large extent, it doesn’t leave behind a lot of smoke and carbon footprints which is not good for the environment. We have more than 35 years of providing Firewood Delivery in Sydney, and areas near the city. We have an expert team of professionals who take the initiative of delivering the large volume of wood effectively. We take online orders from our clients and deliver the required quantity to the clients at their doorstep.

We are one of the best in the business as we have approximately 35 years of experience in delivering dry wood to our customers in the least time possible and at the best price. Our company provides dry wood to the client which has water content between 12% to 20%. We conduct the entire test relating to the water content of the wood through our electronic sensor meter. Our expert team of professional conducts the entire necessary test relating to the quality, water content, durability, and environment-friendly nature of the wood. Although, many types of wood are available in Australia the kind of wood which is provided is worth appreciating, and you will get value for your money.

With some many years of professional experience, we only provide our users with world-class firewood and delivery services to the customers’ at the most reasonable price. We provide our clients with quick delivery in the least possible time in the city region and mountains.

Our company Black forest Fire Wood aim to deliver the different types of wood like redgum, ironbark, box and mixed eco-friendly wood. These wood types have a different burning rate, density, thickness and other effects on the environment. When considering buying wood and Firewood Delivery in Sydney in bulk, we offer wholesale rates to our clients. This way the customers can purchase their respective amount of wood and use it according to their requirements.

About the Company:
Black Forest Firewood Company is a family owned business which has more than 35 years of experience in the area of delivering top-quality and legal firewood. The company is authorized from the firewood association of Australia, and it offers many benefits to the clients or customers ranging from legally sourced wood, quality checks on wood supply and maintenance of water level under 25%. It is the number one wood trading company in Sydney, Australia.

Contact Details:
80 Beresford Road
Phone: (02)-9631-5899