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For some people, going to the dentist may not be considered as an enjoyable experience. At times, it can seem like a chore. But what about when someone’s smile is taken away by a problem with their oral health?

[KENT, 7/6/2018] — At One Smile Oral Care, a person might be going to the dentist to fix or enhance their smile. In that case, what once seemed like a chore turns into an exciting journey towards happy and healthy teeth.

At One Smile Oral Care in Leybourne, both the appearance of smiles and the oral health of a patient can be treated. One Smile Oral Care is a dentist which offers a range of treatments in a comfortable environment, all with the same aim of crafting confident and healthy smiles. If someone is afraid to smile or laugh in public because of a chipped tooth, One Smile Oral Care is a dentist which offers natural-looking restorations like crowns. If someone is seeking a dentist to replace a single tooth or more, One Smile Oral Care provide dental implants in a comfortable environment, where the patient can opt for sedation if they are feeling nervous.

A dentist to prevent problems and enhance appearance

At One Smile Oral Care, preventing problems before they seriously affect a person’s smile is important. No matter how insignificant the problem may seem, teeth causing discomfort usually requires a trip to the dentist. One Smile Oral Care offers preventive care to patients who want to maintain their oral health and confident smile.

By getting nutritional advice at the dentist, a patient can make a subtle change for a big difference. Although patients can be advised on brushing and flossing techniques One Smile Oral Care also offers professional cleaning to remove the calculus that toothbrushes and floss can’t quite reach. By reducing the build-up of plaque, the dentist at One Smile Oral Care is helping to maintain a person’s smile and preventing possible issues like tooth decay and gum disease. A trip to the dentist can not only save a person’s smile, but the symptoms of unnoticed conditions like oral cancer can be detected early.

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