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Overtime, automatic garage door motors experience wear and tear. Infinite Garage Doors install new or replacement motors and offer repair services for automatic garage doors.

[QUEENSLAND, 7/6/2018] — A faulty garage door motor is a common complaint if not maintained properly. But for many homeowners, it is not something that is high on their household maintenance list until it malfunctions.

Faulty Garage Door

Once the garage door begins to operate erratically, the motor needs to be checked and repaired or replaced. It may not be the motor but the switch, remote, sensory beams or faulty door components.

Leave it to the Professionals

For some cases, following troubleshooting tips can fix the problem in a matter of minutes. However, unless you are confident in what you are doing, when it comes to repairing a broken garage door motor, it is always safer to have it checked by a licensed service technician.

Replace or Repair

Infinite Garage Doors’ technicians check automatic garage door motors, identify the cause of the fault and repair the problem. In some cases, a full roller door motor replacement is required. The company has a collection of roller door motors for almost every model of automatic garage doors. Whether a repair or replacement is needed, Infinite Garage Doors’ technicians make sure the garage door motor is opening and closing properly before finishing each job.

About Infinite Garage Doors

Infinite Garage Doors is an affordable, high-quality service company that prioritise customer safety. The company technicians are certified to work on many motor brands, remote controls and other serviceable parts of an automatic garage door. As well as servicing the door motors, we deal with other common problems with door locks and deleting and recoding remotes; the roller system not functioning properly due to a broken cable drum or it being out of its hinge; cracked weather seals causing leaks and bent tracks.

Whether customers need advice, repair or looking to upgrade their automatic garage door, Infinite Garage Doors do the job right.

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