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New Delhi May 8, 2018 – India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of seamless rolled rings, CHW Forge employs state-of-the-art manufacturing systems that upholds the company’s stringent quality control policies and yields precise and high-quality output. Some automated machinery that is heavily relied upon by the CHW Forge’s workforce for the production of seamless-rolled rings includes:
Ring Rolling Machine – A technologically integrated machine that aids the forging process by offering precise calculations for input weight, reduction ratio, and grain flow. Such metrics benefit in high yield, less wastage and near net shape.
Fully Automatic Hydraulic Press 4000T – A fully automatic and precise Hydraulic Press helps reduce cycle time that is used to make an efficient pre-form.
Automatic Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press 3800MT – Automatic hydraulic open die forging press is a stiff and rugged floor press with a low center of gravity that provides a clean forging area with excellent accessibility. This multipurpose press can be used for other forging processes as well such as high-speed open die forging, forging of large rings and sleeves through saddling process, direct upsetting, straightening of shafts, and sequential upsetting on a rotating table, punching and piercing of forged billets.
Manipulators – New compact of manipulators supplied by Dango & Dienenthal, Germany, ensures that the manipulators are strong and rigid with fast movements. Some of these manipulators employed at CHW Forge include: 30 MT Rail Bound Forging Manipulator, 14 MT Mobile Forging Manipulator, and 2 MT Mobile Manipulator.
A media representative at CHW Forge stated, “CHW Forge is a forging company that has maintained its reputation through the use of the latest technology that helps produce high-quality products that are in demand worldwide. We are proud to offer a helping hand to other manufacturing industries such as aviation & aerospace, defence, oil and gas, mining, nuclear, infrastructure, power generation, and shipbuilding. We even manufacture components for the machines that are used for drilling, engineering, and construction.”
An understanding that investment into technology is the only way forward for continued sustenance has been the motto at CHW Forge for over 60 years of its existence and perfection.
The spokesperson added that “Our team inspects forging manually before it is delivered. We believe in providing sustainable solutions and accurate products. In fact, we have deployed the most advanced machinery and technology, including the state-of-the-art radial-axial ring rolling machine and company-wide ERP system to meet our clients’ requirements with utmost perfection.”

About CHW Forge
CHW Forge is the pioneer forging manufacturer and supplier hailing from New Delhi, India. The manufacturer produces seamless rolled rings made of steel, titanium, alloys, etc among others. CHW Forge caters to all heavy industries from private to public organizations with various industrial sectors like power generation.