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Devline Company’s latest and the state of the art video surveillance software has become very popular among the users it offers some of the best solutions that no other system offers.The latest software has been specifically developed for XVR Line video surveillance system or Line cctv cameras. The network video recorder software offers a number of functionalities for the benefits of the users. These functionalities enhance the security of the area covered. Interestingly, all these functionalities are offered at unimaginably affordable prices. Devline Company is aware of the increasing threat to the mankind and the growing crime rate. It has become very essential for residential buildings, commercial complexes, parking spaces, public spaces and all other areas to be monitored constantly by the cctv cameras to control the crime rate. The alarming growth in the rate of crime has forced people to step up their security by installing cctv cameras wherever required. Keeping this in mind, Devline Company has decided to offer the security systems at a price that even common people can afford. Not surprisingly, many people have lapped up this opportunity and have lapped up Devline security systems. All the customers who have purchased Devline security products are more than happy for the wide range of features that it offers at such a reasonable rate. The tool can be installed in any number of areas as you wish.

The setup is very easy and uncomplicated. There absolutely no kind of network, administrative and functional restrictions. There are two different video compression methods that include MJPEG (Motion JPEG) and H.264. While, MJPEG or Motion JPEG provides images with a very high quality, H.264 provides relatively low quality pictures. The intensive processor in case of H.264 cannot record at full 25 FPS. However, H.264 requires less disc space and also has a quicker network transfer speed. However, MJPEG requires more storage space and needs network bandwidth to transfer in high speed. You can also create any number of users and assign custom access rights for granting the use of certain cameras, microphones and system functions. Line allows you to configure each camera’s main and sub streams independently. You can decide which stream should be recorded and transmitted across networks. You can also record audio in sync with your video. Line gives you the option of connecting a microphone to the computer. You can also use the IP camera’s in-built microphone. Personalized settings also allow you to toggle audio recording on and off as needed.

If you are searching for best video surveillance software, then you are at the right place. Devline is offering best Network Video Recorder Surveillance Software at wholesale price. Our systems are used for monitoring both commercial and residential properties. For more details, please visit our website at

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