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Heath Refinishing is a family owned furniture service provider in Frisco, TX. They provide a wide range furniture repair and refinishing services in the Dallas areas at affordable cost. With many years of experience, furniture refinishing professionals at Heath Refinishing always give a high quality service to the customers. Because, they understand the value of the single piece of your furniture, so they only use high quality materials for furniture refinishing. Whenever your furniture needs a service, Heath Refinishing will make sure your furniture will last longer and keep working like a new.

Furniture Refinishing
Furniture refinishing is rebuilding the furniture products and maintaining nature look of your furniture. With high-end craftsmanship, Heath Refinishing offers refinishing service by repair the old and damaged wood items. Instead of buying new furniture, refinishing is the best money saving option to maintain the natural beauty.

The Process of Furniture Refinishing
Most of the furniture owners trying to DIY refinishing; but, none of them have a detailed knowledge about furniture refinishing. In addition to that, removing old finish is very hard for furniture owners without the proper tools. So, it is extremely required to have a skilled furniture refinishing expert to be done service within the deadline. The following are the common process of furniture refinishing:

• Stripping – Stripping is the process of removing and cleaning the hardware from your furniture. Heath Refinishing professionals will do chemically stripping all surfaces without damaging wood, glue and veneer.
• Fixing – After the stripping process, the stripped items are allowed to air dry for a few days. Then repair and fix any minor or major changes in furniture.
• Sanding – After removing the old finish from your furniture, sanding task should be conducted to your furniture. Woodworkers at Heath Refinishing will only do the sanding process by hand.
• Staining – Staining is an important process in the furniture refinishing. They use today’s latest line dye stains for staining which can last for a long time.

Finally, finish all the undone processes for a perfect furniture refinishing work.

About Heath Refinishing
Heath Refinishing a famous furniture service company in Frisco, TX which is founded by Steven Heath. With a high-end woodworking skills and craftsmanship, Steven can create a custom look on furniture and meet the customers’ satisfactions. They offer furniture services like, furniture repair, refinishing, restoration and all other works. All of the furniture service available at reasonable cost. To know more about in detail, visit

9441 Mimosa Rd
Frisco, TX 75033