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Purchasing a vineyard or a winery requires a significant amount of capital. To help farmers with this, Farm Mortgage Loan offers a unique and effective loan program to prospective vineyard owners.

[LEHI, 04/24/2018] – Farmers who are looking to expand their land or are looking for assistance with the everyday operations of their existing property can now turn to Farm Mortgage Loan for a Vineyard Loan.

Vineyards and wineries require vast tracts of land and specialized equipment to collect and process the grapes. While acquiring these may be expensive, Farm Mortgage Loan makes it easier for farmers by providing a financing option that is both practical and comprehensive.

Land for Vineyards and Wineries

Prior to purchasing any land for viticulture (wine and vineyard activities), it’s important to first decide what exactly the land will be used for. Vineyards don’t necessarily have to include the wine making facility itself on the same parcel of land. The lands of a vineyard should be maximized for the sole purpose of growing grapes, along with any storage facilities if needed.

Wineries, on the other hand, also require facilities for wine-making. This will require extra tracts of land, bumping up the price that a prospective buyer will be paying.

With the average price of arable land for viticulture reaching up to $350,000, it can be difficult to secure the funds needed for purchase.

Farm Mortgage Loan

To make the purchase of viticulture land easier, Farm Mortgage Loan offers Vineyard loans, a specialized credit program that connects potential vineyard or winery owners with the right agricultural financing option.

One of the benefits of the Vineyard loan of Farm Mortgage Loans is that it has no acreage limit, meaning potential owners can secure loans no matter the size of their property. As an institution that is focused on providing farmers, vineyard owners, and winery operators with the best financial option, Farm Mortgage Loan will help their clients secure the most flexible and competitive rates.

About Farm Mortgage Loans

Farm Mortgage Loan has over 50 years of experience with financing agricultural loans for farmers and vineyard owners across America. Their team of financial and agricultural experts takes the time to review each client’s unique needs and creates an individualized loan option. To learn more about their services, visit their website at