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We have all been eating olives for a long time but it is now that the fruit has been receiving great interest from people all around the world. The health benefits olive oil offers and the culinary uses of the fruit are remarkable.

While there are many different varieties of edible oil available, olive oil stands superior to all of them. Olive oil is considered to be the healthiest fat available on this planet. Moreover, while still being a rich source of healthy fats, olive oil contains zero cholesterol, as this oil is not derived from an animal source.

Here are three major varieties of olive oils available in the market today:

1. Light Olive Oil

Heat and chemicals are used to derive light olive oil and it is done to remove impurities from the product. Light olive oil is the lowest quality olive oil of all the three and is often lighter in color and flavor than pure olive oil. Light olive oils are often used in combination with other edible oils. This combination of oils is mostly used in baking, where people do not desire for a strong olive oil taste.

2. Pure Olive Oil

When extra virgin olive oil and processed olive oils are blended in a ratio, the resultant is a pure olive oil. Normally, the ration tends to be as high as 95% processed olive oil and 5% extra virgin olive oil. Pure olive oil is less expensive than extra virgin olive oil. It gives a fruity flavor when used in food and is majorly used for baking.

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is considered as the purest quality of olive oil available on the market. Unlike light olive oil that is produced using heat and chemicals, extra virgin olive oil are produced using a cold press. This oil is used in salad dressings, stir-fry and bread dips where people appreciate the strong flavor of olive oil.

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