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Invest Four More is pleased to announce an exciting new scholarship opportunity beginning November 1, 2017. The scholarship can be applied for by students that are wanting to pursue real estate investing. Beginning in the real estate field starts with great education, and the Invest Four More annual scholarship can help tremendously to achieve the dream of being a successful real estate investor.

Qualifications for applying include having to be a student. The applicant may be a high school senior, undergraduate, or a graduate student. Applicants must apply using their student emails in order to qualify. Current applicants that are already pursuing a real estate career and are attending courses will be given special consideration. Anyone wishing to apply must also provide a 1000 word essay. This essay will need to have your short and long-term goals in the real estate field.

The scholarship will award one winner each year with $1000, to get started in the real estate investing business. There is a deadline each year, which ends December 31. If you are interested in applying for this fantastic scholarship program you can visit the website at . This is a phenomenal opportunity for any student that is looking to pursue their dream in real estate.

About Invest Four More:

Invest Four More is a fantastic resource for real estate investing and learning about the field. The website is jam-packed with free content that highlights the investment opportunities that go along with real estate. Founder, Mark Ferguson, has excelled in the world of real estate and shares his knowledge with the public. He has been a licensed real estate agent since 2001. In March of 2013, he developed the website Mark Ferguson has said, “I created Invest Four More to help people become real estate investors either as rental property owners, flippers, wholesalers or even note owners.” The website aims to educate through the blog, calculators, forums and many more resources. You can connect with Invest Four More on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , and Instagram

For more information on Invest Four More visit the website at For questions, you may email Mark Ferguson at

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