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GeneSiC’s 3rd Generation (G3R™) 750V SiC MOSFETs Offer Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

GeneSiC Semiconductor’s next-generation 750V G3R™SiC MOSFETs will deliver unprecedented levels of performance, robustness and quality that exceeds its counterparts. System benefits include low on-state drops at operating temperatures, faster switching speeds, increased power density, minimal ringing (low EMI) and compact system size. GeneSiC’s G3R™, offered in optimized low-inductance discrete packages (SMD and through hole), are optimized to operate with lowest power losses under all operating conditions and ultra-fast switching speeds. These devices have substantially better performance levels as compared to contemporary SiC MOSFETs.

“High-efficiency energy usage has become a critical deliverable in next-generation power converters and SiC power devices continue to be the key components driving this revolution. After years of development work towards achieving the lowest on-state resistance and robust short circuit and avalanche performance, we are excited to release the industry’s best performing 750V SiC MOSFETs. Our G3R™ enable power electronics designers to meet the challenging efficiency, power density and quality goals in applications like solar inverters, EV on-board chargers and server/telecom power supplies. An assured quality, supported by fast turn-around and automotive-qualified high volume manufacturing further enhances their value proposition.” said Dr. Ranbir Singh, President at GeneSiC Semiconductor.

G3R60MT07J – 750V 60mΩ G3R™ TO-263-7 SiC MOSFET
G3R60MT07D – 750V 60mΩ G3R™ TO-247-3 SiC MOSFET
G3R60MT07K – 750V 60mΩ G3R™ TO-247-4 SIC MOSFET

– Industry’s lowest gate charge (QG) and internal gate resistance (RG(INT) )
– Lowest RDS(ON) change with temperature
– Low output capacitance (COSS ) and miler capacitance (CGD )
– 100% avalanche (UIL) tested during production
– Industry-leading short circuit withstand capability
– Fast and reliable body diode with low VF and low QRR
– High and stable gate threshold voltage (VTH ) across all temperature and drain-bias conditions
– Advanced packaging technology for lower thermal resistance and lower ringing
– Manufacturing uniformity of RDS(ON), VTH and breakdown voltage (BV)
– Comprehensive product portfolio and safer supply chain with automotive-qualified high volume manufacturing

– Solar (PV) Inverters
– EV / HEV Onboard Chargers
– Server & Telecom Power Supplies
– Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
– DC-DC Converters
– Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
– Energy Storage and Battery Charging
– Induction Heating

All of GeneSiC Semiconductor’s SiC MOSFETs are targeted for automotive applications (AEC-Q101) and PPAP-capable.

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Newark Electronics
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Arrow Electronics

About GeneSiC Semiconductor:
GeneSiC Semiconductor is a pioneer and world leader in Silicon Carbide technology, while also invested in high power Silicon technologies. The global leading manufacturers of industrial and defense systems depend on GeneSiC’s technology to elevate the performance and efficiency of their products. GeneSiC’s electronic components run cooler, faster, and more economically, and play a key role in conserving energy in a wide array of high power systems. We hold leading patents on wide band gap power device technologies; a market that is projected to reach more than $1 billion by 2022. Our core competency is to add more value to our customers’ end product. Our performance and cost metrics are setting standards in the Silicon Carbide industry.

TRIYAM is a top performer with high overall score in KLAS Research report on Legacy Data Archiving 2020

TRIYAM is a top performer with high overall score in KLAS Research report on Legacy Data Archiving 2020

Lexington, Kentucky, USA: Triyam Inc. ( as a leading provider in EHR Data archival is pleased to announce that it has been featured in the KLAS LEGACY DATA ARCHIVING 2020 Performance Report as a top performer scoring high in overall customer satisfaction.

Triyam is a top performer in KLAS

When healthcare providers change to new EHR, the historical patient data is not copied over from the old EHR to the new EHR. So, they end up maintaining the legacy system to stay compliant to data retention regulations. Triyam extracts the old data from the legacy EHR systems and converts it to a vendor-neutral format. This is then uploaded to Triyam’s SaaS product ‘Fovea EHR Archive’ for ease of access while maintaining low cost of storage and resulting in high return on investment.

“Triyam has always focused its attention on customer satisfaction.”, says Founder and CEO, Sudhakar Mohanraj “We listen to our customers and take their feedback seriously. Our product and processes go through continuous improvement based on the feedback received from our customers. In the 2020 KLAS Research findings, we are especially proud to score high in overall score. In addition to this outstanding performance, we scored all A’s in Customer experience pillars of Value, Relationship, Product, Operations, Loyalty and Culture.

I am personally proud of the 100% we scored in ‘Keeping All Promises’ to customers and ‘Avoiding Nickel-and-Diming’. We love our customers and they proved that they love us back by scoring 100% in ‘Would you Buy again’ and assured us that we are 100% ‘Part of Long-Term plans’. I congratulate the Triyam team for such a wonderful accomplishment!”

Lisa Williams, VP of Business Development says “It is rewarding to receive this recognition as Triyam continues to thrive on providing an optimal customer experience.  Our goal is to ensure that our experience and expertise in healthcare technology is reflected in the outcome of customer satisfaction.  Our ratings reflect this, and we look forward to continuing to provide ideal solutions with best practice measures in place for all of our existing and future customers.  I am excited to see what the future holds!”


About TRIYAM: Triyam is a leading provider of EMR/EHR data management solutions, with specific focus on legacy data archival and retention. Triyam’s data conversion services help hospitals and clinics to freely migrate from one EHR vendor to another without losing any historical patient data. They help hospitals shut down legacy systems and save money while meeting state mandated retention requirements. Give them a call at 855 663 2684 or e-mail them at for free Legacy EHR evaluation. More information about Triyam can be found at

About KLAS: KLAS is a research firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers to be heard. Learn more at:

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Launches FiltEV®, its New, Comprehensive Platform of High Performance Filtration Materials for Electric Vehicles

Ahlstrom-Munksjö advances further into the growth segment of electrification, launching its first product offering, totally dedicated to filtration media solutions for electric vehicles.


The vehicle industry is witnessing rapid electrification, driven by the global need to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions. As the infrastructure for charging expands and offers fast, reliable and convenient charging, double-digit annual growth for electric vehicles is expected. Major automakers are targeting electric vehicles to represent a significant share of their new offering in the coming years, while some even plan to discontinue manufacturing combustion engine driven cars by next decade. It is estimated that only-electric vehicles will represent 25% of light vehicles production in 2030.

“I am very pleased to introduce our initial range of products from the FiltEV® platform”, says Cedric Vallet, Head of Business Development, Industrial Filtration & New Vehicles. “Utilizing our extensive technological platforms already in place, the offering highlights the innovative benefits of our new portfolio and demonstrates our commitment to this market. Consequently, we plan to further expand our portfolio of solutions in this field, also including fuel cell air intake, over the coming months”, he adds.

The addressable annual market opportunity for filtration media used in electric vehicles is expected to grow at around 35% per year up until 2030, reaching approximately EUR 100 million.

Electrification is a key strategic theme for Ahlstrom-Munksjö, which has successfully served the automotive industry for 50 years and has gained a leading position in engine filtration worldwide. Widespread adoption of electric vehicles will require more than just the needed technology. It also requires energy storage solutions, where fiber-based materials are widely used. Thanks to its extensive expertise in cellulose, glass microfibers and specialty nonwoven materials, Ahlstrom-Munksjö is also developing a complete range of energy storage solutions under the FortiCell® product platform.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s FiltEV® offering

The FiltEV® offering for cabin air, cooling systems and transmission showcases what Ahlstrom-Munksjö  can develop for the filtration of fluids in electric vehicles. The combination of unique production capabilities and enhanced raw materials deliver the most reliable protection of people and systems, along with a guarantee of extended lifetime and energy efficiency.

Cabin air filtration – Pure air for passengers

Cabin air quality is an increasingly important factor in the design of the new generations of vehicles. By filtering particles, microorganisms and harmful gases, air filters create a healthier cabin environment and improve the driving comfort.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö delivers a reliable range of high performance media for cabin air filters in electric vehicles, which operate under the most demanding requirements:

    Particulate portfolio protecting against coarse, fine and ultrafine particles, including bacteria and viruses. Carbon portfolio combining removal of particles and gases for an increased level of protection and comfort.

The benefits include reliable filtration efficiency, optimal gas adsorption and excellent converting performance.

Cooling fluids filtration – Reliable shielding of the thermal management system

Effectiveness and lifetime of battery pack, fuel cell units and e-motors in electric vehicles highly depends on the ability to keep them in a narrow temperature window whatever the conditions of use. 

Ahlstrom-Munksjö provides a wide range of high performance filtration media for cooling air and liquids which guarantees a smooth and safe operation of the thermal management unit:

    High permeability air filtration media preventing wear of the fan and clogging of the system.  Proprietary full synthetic three-layer media with a wide range of efficiency covering most cooling oil filtration requirements. 

The benefits include the highest filtration performance, extreme durability and superior dust holding capacity.

Transmission filtration – Enhanced protection of the drivetrain

The cleanliness of the oil is an increasingly important factor in the performance, reliability and life time of the modern transmission systems and the new propulsion solutions for electric vehicles.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö provides a complete range of high performance media for suction and pressure transmission filters which meet OEM requirements:

    Premium glass microfiber media with optional protective scrims, an ideal choice for high efficiency filtration solutions. Proprietary full synthetic three-layer media with excellent durability and a wide range of efficiency covering most filtration requirements.

The benefits include highest filtration performance, enhanced reliability and extended lifetime as well as state-of-the art laminating capabilities.

Additional products, including solutions for fuel cell air intake, will be launched under the FiltEV® platform in the coming months. 

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RACON 8/12 and MICON 5 Tactile Switches from RAFI Featured in THE EDGE by Future Electronics

Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, is featuring advanced tactile switches from RAFI in the latest edition of THE EDGE.

RAFI tactile and full-travel key switches come in a range of sizes and operating forces, which makes them variable enough for any application. Whether used for medical devices, in the automotive industry or in your control system, RAFI tactile switches and full-travel key switches impress with exceptional haptics and tactility.

The MICON 5 tactile switch, measuring just 5.1 x 6.4 mm, opens up new options for control panels. The reliable gold contacts, combined with great tactility, are not only suitable for automotive applications. They are also ideal wherever you need safe switching, long service life, and a variety of actuating forces.

RAFI’s top-quality RACON 8 and RACON 12 tactile switches are available in 8.4 x 8.4 mm and 12 x 12 mm sizes, and feature a unique click, switching safety, and a sealed contact system which has made RACON the standard in many industries. They are ideal for automotive applications, systems with keycaps, or membrane keyboards, and are available in THT or SMT versions.

To learn more, visit To see the entire portfolio of RAFI products available through Future Electronics, visit

THE EDGE is the latest e-newsletter from Future Electronics, and is geared toward engineers and buyers looking for new or leading-edge products. THE EDGE comes out twice per month, and each edition features product information, datasheets and videos showcasing the most advanced new technology in a specific area, such as sensing, lighting, or automotive.

Signify Innovations India wins Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) Innovations India Limited has been awarded the coveted Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (GPACSR) for the year 2020 by the Institute of Directors (IOD), under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India and former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission of India and National Commission for Constitution of India Reforms.

The award will be felicitated at a virtual ceremony on Thursday, June 10, 2021, in the presence of distinguished business leaders and participants from across the globe.

Commenting on the win, Natasha Tandon, Head – Integrated Communications and CSR, Signify India, said, ” At Signify, we have always aimed to use our expertise and knowledge of lighting to give back to the communities in which we operate through our strategic Corporate Social Responsibility programs. We are honored to receive this recognition of our efforts and we are deeply motivated to continue to create long-lasting impact in these communities.”

Mr. Manoj K. Raut, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Institute of Directors said, “We are pleased to present Signify with this award. Their work with the underserved communities is very inspiring and they have set very high standards for the entire corporate fraternity.”

Golden Peacock Awards, instituted by the Institute of Directors (IOD) in 1991, are recognized worldwide as the hallmark of Corporate Excellence. It celebrates the achievements and performance of well performing organizations annually and helps to build their brand equity, which have won wide acceptance among businesses and industry globally. Based on internationally recognized criteria, the credibility of these awards lies in the transparency, depth and impartiality of the assessment process. Golden Peacock Awards, through evaluation of application provides opportunity for self-assessment and helps companies accelerate their performance levels and beat the competition.

This year, there were over 319 entrants for the coveted awards. Out of which, after careful scrutiny, 119 applications were shortlisted for final selection through a 3-tier assessment process. An assessment group comprising of Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management experts was set up to assess the applications. Each application was reviewed by assessors independently and was later discussed by the committee for normalization of assessments/reviews.


Vogel Digital Marketing takes Pride in creating an introductory video for Our Client “Clearway” Has Finished Their Third major wind powering project in Langford Wind Farms, Texas.

Vogel Digital Marketing, a leading digital marketing company, is honored to associate with Clearway Energy Group “Clearway”. Vogel Digital Marketing is the best digital marketing company providing services in Texas and is well known for its SEO, SEM, SMO, web design, Video Creation, and online branding services.

Clearway Energy Group (“Clearway”) has recently finished their third major project  Langford Wind Farm in Christoval, Texas, there they got Ample of land and Wind and With Modern GE Repower Turbines they are now capable of producing 160 MW of electricity which is sufficient enough to power nearly 75,000 households each year, They are steadily growing, creating a lot of jobs opportunities resulting in improvement of Texas Economy while creating a greener, cleaner and safer planet for coming generations. The Clearway is pleased with the quality of the Introductory Video which we created for them explaining in detail their Langford Wind Farm. They had worked closely with digital marketing agency Houston, Vogel Digital Marketing, to make sure that all-important highlights are well captured.

Vogel Digital Marketing provided Clearway with a video that explains Langford Wind Farms in detail, most of the videography is done using Drones and we tried to capture each and every detail in the best possible resolution, it also explains the long term benefit of renewable energy resources and their effect on future economy and generation of Texas.

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